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Legal Q/A by Avdhesh chaudhary

Avdhesh chaudhary has answered nearly 1136 legal questions for free.

"Help doesn't mean that offering money, offering legal advice is a great help to the society."

Saved Legal Questions
Want internship under you ANY 28 Aug 2019

I am a Law student final year looking for internship under your guidance and i am also prepairing for judiciary thank you

You have not mentioned any place of practice. You may call me to discuss ur issue. U may get my contact details from pathlegal itself View

Negotiatiable instrument act, 138. ANY 11 Jan 2019

Hello, actually I had given three lac rupee to a lady for his need and I taken a cheque from her. I asked many times for withdrawal of cheque but she denied....

First of all please give him legal notice through advocate than file a case under 138 NI act for help in case of need u may call me .Please click like...View

Court Order for getting Phone calls and Chat History records Criminal 20 Aug 2018

For fighting DV & Divorce case, how to get court order to get old phone number call records & gmail chat history? Background: Got scold by his lover...

U may get it collected through detective agency. In case of need u may call me for the same. Please click like to evaluate the answer as it's helpful for...View

Want maintainence from husband Family 30 Jul 2018

Hi.. i am MBA and after baby i left the job and my hisband toruchure me for divorce but i dont want . my question is to you that Am i able to take maintainence...

Yes if presently u r jobless then not only for u but u should claim for daughter as well. In case of need u may call me.please click like to evaluate the...View

Regarding internship ANY 8 Jan 2018

Mam, i need help regarding internship. I am a student of 4th year ba.llb and i want internship but due to personal reason i cannot attend class so will...

Please call local lawyer or me for help View

Obtaining Mother deed of an apartment property. Property 26 Nov 2017

I want a copy of Mother deed of a property which is not available with me.

For this you have to apply certified copy from the registrar of concerned by giving details of flat. Please click like to evaluate answer as it will help...View

Is my son eligible to claim from Mother-in-law property Family 26 Nov 2017

After selling the property our part of 11lac has been divided into 2 parts and deposited in two Banks as F.D one on my mother in law and other on my husband...

How your father in can with draw both the FD with out consent of both.if consent of both is there then he could do so. Ur second query after ur mother...View

notice send through c Business 26 Nov 2017

Dear sir, The another person has been send wrong notice from court on my wife father. He was written in notice totally wrong. So what will do sir.

Notice should be replied by refusing all allegations and with True facts with warning of legal action against them in case of default. Please call me for...View

Woman Right for Divorce and Alumni Family 26 Nov 2017

Hi, I got married in March\'14. My husband and my in-laws have been very money minded and they had kept all the hold hold my jewelry and my salary....

Dear client, it's better if U contact me on phone as far as maintenance is concerned you may file a case under 125 CrPC . Of course for recovery of stridhan...View

Parents and child separation Family 29 Oct 2017

hello sir, मुझे parents and child separation के बारे में जानकारी...

You have not mentioned your age and the income of ur parents.please call with brief of ur Case so as to get proper advice.also click like to evaluateView

Notice from Akash Institute Labor 5 Sep 2017

Hello Sir, I have joined an educational Institute as Senior Developer Role on 8/Aug/2016 and had served them 2 days only. I did not liked the company and...

Please give legal notice to them for replying with help of ur lawyer.u may call in case of needView

Balatkar krne ki kosis ka jhutha aarop Criminal 17 Aug 2017

Dear sir... Mera name ankit hai ek ladki hai jisne balatkar krne ki kosis ke jhuthe kesh me mujhe aur mere 2 doston ko fasya hai mere dono dost...

Running away from law is not remedy. By this you are proving ur guilt. But I need to know full details of your case so as to get you proper advice. So...View

DV case set aside by lower court, what order can be passed from sessio Maritime law 6 Jul 2017

In the false DV case filed by my wife, District probation officer provided the report that allegations are false and no domestic violence seems to be happened....

She might have filed a revison against the lower court order. Yes can be started against if so then maintenance order may also be passed after that. For...View

Legal action against Property 24 May 2017

I gave 7.5lakh to my known person for land registration by cheque and 2 lakh through cash. But now he is not ready for register land. He said he will...

In case of cheque you may file case under 138 of NI Act. Baaki k liye u may file case under forgery and cheating. If police is not helping then file complain...View

Getting married immediately after divorce Family 5 Jan 2017

My Mutual divorce is dissolved on 26th of December 2016. However, I am yet to get the decree of divorce and my solicitor says it might take upto 2 months...

No u may get decree just after 15 days of judgement. For u may call me. Click like to evaluate View


Dear Sir, I have invested in SUPERTECH LTD ECOVILLAGE flat at Greater Noida (West) in January 2013. The payment plan of the project was as follows:- 1....

Already asked many timesView


Sir, In my sister case, village heads decided (on 25-03-2015)to take divorce from my sister\'s husband as he is alcoholic excessively and abusing my sister...

My dear, if you are going as per mutually settled way then it is up to but if they pay you money than also divorce can only be granted through court only....View

498a case n other marital disputes Family 15 Mar 2016

My 498a 406 me 34 has been raised and FIR done against my husband n in laws and now case is transferred to local Police station Today I rcd call from SI...

You should go to police station in case of no compromise fir will be lodged. It is as per guidelines of supreme Court verdict. Please click like to ev...View

In which party favor will court given order in the cheque bounce Criminal 12 Mar 2016

If some one gives a cheque by sign only and cheque receiver fill the detail of all amount and cheque become bounce and the second party go to court than...

It depends on what you able to prove if you could prove that the details are filled afterwards than it may be in your favor otherwise vice versa. Please...View

case closed in court- order Criminal 19 Jan 2016

sir, what is case number? FIR filed 12 yrs back (IPC 420/468/471)but till date not chargesheeted. Is any case in the court on this FIR? How to know case...

Dear client, if police has filed closure report than it should be excepted by court than only case gets closed. You may file an application to court for...View

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