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Lawyer answers

Legal Q/A by Pratap Kumar

Pratap Kumar has answered nearly 83 legal questions for free.

"Help doesn't mean that offering money, offering legal advice is a great help to the society."

Saved Legal Questions
Building contractor cheating Civil 8 Apr 2016

Sir . My husband build the house by contract agreement 14 square feet persqrt 125000 then total 175000 and wood work 3 lakhs. In agreement my...

Hi Police station is not court, they are no body to solve the contractors problem, police can deal only with criminal case and not civil case. File a...View

Can I file a case against the woman Family 8 Apr 2016

My husband want to get in the relationship with me and after our marriage he stay with me. But the he gave monthly amount to the woman from past. And the...

Hi If that woman is not his wife then give a police complaint and state that she is threatening to commit suicide and is blackmailing. The Police will...View

consumer court case procedure please ANY 8 Apr 2016

Sir/Madam I Have filed a consumer case in district forum and the opposite party appearance was fixed on 5/4/16..The consumer court has fixed next date...

In case u have filed any application and the report is awaited, it might not have come to court on 5/4/16, then court may state Await report. Pratap,...View

payment for right of additional way Civil 8 Apr 2016

my house is in a lane opening onto a tarred road , this lane was originally four foot long and had four houses in it ,about fifteen years ago the person...

Dear Querist, You neighbour has purchased that four foot way along the adjacent lane, in case you or other 2 neigbours do not use that land as an access...View

assistance for legal notice Consumer Protection 8 Apr 2016

We have bought mango juice in 300 ml pet bottle from a manufacturer AMH foods palacode,Dharmapuri dt,TN. Out of 350 boxes each cost around 400 Rs , 250...

Hi You go in person and show them the quality of bottles and ask them for replacement, if they dont replace u must only seek deficiency of services...View

False allegation of the misuse of the address. Criminal 8 Apr 2016

I stayed as a Paying Guest in lokhandwala for an year and vacated in the April, 2015. A few days ago, a statement of my credit card statement happened...

Dear Quersit, If you have proof of the mails sent to the bank for changing the address pl.go to the Police Stn and explain the position. You have done...View

Lawyer not attending hearings Family 7 Apr 2016

Our lawyer not attended the court hearing after mediation(mediation failed) and even told(misguided) us no require to go there, as he will take care of...

Dear Querist, If you dont trust the lawyer it is better seek the services of another lawyer by getting NOC from the previous lawyer. Pratap, Advoc...View


Respected sir, A –MOTHRE’S FATHER B- MOTHER’S MOTHER C – MOTHER’S ELDER SISTER D- MOTHER AB husband and wife having more than 75 years. B dead August...

Dear Quersit, If AB's property ( both movable and immovable) are self acquired property then the Will may prevail. Or you can contest it stating that...View

Legal help needed thank you for helping me. You are god to me now. ANY 6 Apr 2016

A girl is blackmailing me as we had sex that was consensual, giving murder threats and defaming my name. If I lodge a FIR against her on grounds of defamation,...

Hi Have a responsible intimacy with a person and marry. It is a possibility that she can file a FIR against u in the place where she is residing. Keep...View

Borrower troubling garunter without paying loan Banking 26 Mar 2016

Hello sir, We live in telangana . My fathet is a road transport corp employ . My father has signed surety for a education loan for his coligues son...

HI Sadly the law is against u. Surety's liability is co-extensive with that of the borrower. However, law states that you can pay the money and then...View

can I have rights on my inlaws property ANY 18 Mar 2016

Dear sir, I got married in 2012 and in 2014 my husband passed away. He has done suicide. He has written a suicidal note in which he jas mentioned that...

Yes u can claim for a share in the property. Hope this is under Hindu law, u can claim u r husbands share, if u not employed u can even ask for maintenance...View

what all proofs required to prove a case as dowry case. Family 28 Mar 2012

Related to my previuos question , i want to ask if there are chances to get the money back from her in laws which was paid before marriage. And wat all...

If u have written proof with thier signature that is the best evidence. If you have purchased materials in kind then receipt will be a good proof.Adding...View

what are legal formallities to open a publishing company Business 28 Mar 2012

i want to open a publishing company to publish academic books what are legal formalities

There are some options to choose from.If ur starting alone then it is 1, 2 or more people means partnership.Even PVT ltd co. can be started. In the case...View

What is the stipulated number days for redemption of MF Insurance 27 Mar 2012

LIC NOMURAMF had delayed redemption of Mutual Fund by 24days, and when asked for delayed compensation, they maintained silence for two months. When I informed...

Dear Client, If it is not a close ended fund then pl. read the scheme of information document wherein it must be specifically stated the minimum no....View

Can a property owner claim "no parking" rights along a road Property 27 Mar 2012

I live in a apartment with limited parking space, therefore we are forced to park our car alongside the property wall (on a public lane / road) of our...

Dear cleint, Certainly it is going to cause inconvenience to ur neighbour. But if it is parked on the road he cannot prevent u from parking. Try to...View

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