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Legal Q/A by Mahaprasad Guha

Mahaprasad Guha has answered nearly 281 legal questions for free.

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Saved Legal Questions
IPC 420 for ATM purchase Criminal 23 Jan 2016

At the time of commission of offence X was a minor. Can a charge sheet be filed against him in regular trial court when X becomes an adult? Or should he...

Juveniles accused of a crime or detained for a crime are brought before the JJB(Juvenile Justice Board).As per Juvenile act and provisions of the Criminal...View

Legal documents of property Property 23 Jan 2016

I wish to purchase a property in Bihar Sharif. I need a legal documents like 7/12,property card,title clear report, non agricultural land report, etc....

Contact any local Advocate or file RTI.View

legal notice against my employer Labor 16 Jan 2016

Hi, My name is Dinesh and I want to file a legal notice against my employer for spot termination of my services without any rhyme or reasons and without...

You may contact a pathlegal panel lawyer in your area.View

Filled section 498a against in-laws Criminal 2 Jan 2016

I have filled section 498a against my in-laws but I dnt want divorce. After that my husband has given a written letter that we can stay separate in same...

You can file a domestic violence case for separate stay & a protection order against your house.View

About crpc 125 maintainance case Family 2 Jan 2016

Sir my filed mutiple cases agaist me in short my wife says as per affidavit that she earn 8000 per month and claim 60000 from me my first date court direct...

Your wife has no right to claim maintenance, but she can claim maintenance for her minor children. If the company not issued a salary statement of your...View

Filled section 498a against in-laws Criminal 2 Jan 2016

I have filled section 498a against my in-laws but I dnt want divorce. After that my husband has given a written letter that we can stay separate in same...

My Dear, Daughter-in-law cannot assert her rights, if any, in the property of her parents-in-law wherein her husband has no right, title or interest....View

mutual deed of divorce from both parties acceptance is valid for girl Notary 29 Dec 2015

madam, one of my relative female person has been forcefully get into marriage in the month of december. Due to her parents force and suicide warnings,...

You suggest yours female relative to file a mutual divorce case in the Court . After a mutual divorce, she can remarry. Mutual deed, not to dissolve the...View

Judgement related query Property 27 Dec 2015

I had filed a case in district forum 24, south parganas(w.bengal) in Housing category with defiency in service. The case is disposed off with the judgement...

If you don't get compensation withe in period, then you will file execution for recovering the compensate money.View

proving women can do nothing!! Human Rights 7 Dec 2015

i was in a relationship with a guy ..we broke up last month ....he gave me a reason that his parents wudnt agree for marriage...before we cud break up...

If he was agree to marry you and making a physical relation with you, then you file FIR u/s 376,420 against him.View

Interim relief for mother to meet 7 year old daughter Family 23 Nov 2015

Dear Sir Due to unhuman behavior of my husband I left his home 7 days ago. I have a 7 year old daughter, who is under my husband custody....

File Domestic violence case before family court, where you may get relief .View

Your advice will be highly appreciated Criminal 22 Nov 2015

I want to know that is ipc sections 354, 354a, 354b are compoundable or non compoundable. If both parties are ready to settle the case is it possible to...

All are non compoundable offense.View

grand daughters share in maternal grandfathers property (father has no Civil 17 Nov 2015

i hv purchased a land in 2006 of my deceased uncle's ancestral property. Property was in the name of aunt when I purchased. Uncle has 2 daughters and no...

If the property was in the name of your aunt & herself give you registering it. Then the elder daughter not claim her share.View

Assistance need on my mtrimonl life Family 16 Nov 2015

Sir/mam regards My husband left me n minor son to my parental home and said we will live separate from his parents...he shifted my articles n baby luggage...

I think your 498a case against your husband not so strong, because after separation you filled it. If you strongly contest the 13a & 125 case in future...View

money cheating case from my acquainted person Civil 16 Nov 2015

I wanted to purchase a land from one of my friend.that is why I have advanced 3.5lacs.but unfortunately I could not able to buy the land.after some day...

You first give him legal notice, then filed recovery of money case.View

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