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Lawyer answers

Legal Q/A by Rajesh Mishra

Rajesh Mishra has answered nearly 16 legal questions for free.

"Help doesn't mean that offering money, offering legal advice is a great help to the society."

Saved Legal Questions
Withdrawal of 498A from complainant Criminal 14 Jan 2019

On the basis of settlement Can complainant withdraw 498A case? What is the procedure to withdraw 498A from High court what will be the role of accused...

Dear client, if complainant and accused both have mutually setteled their dispute then make consent term. thereafter you can dispose the case in Magistrate...View

Transfer of tenancy rights Property 29 Dec 2018

My mom purchased a pagdi system room in Dadar in 2004. Will the landlord transfer the tenancy to my name after her death? I am her only daughter married...

Dear client, it would better to get it transfer in your name during her life time. and you can wait for redevelopment.View

False domestic violence filed and till date no evidence filed Family 28 Dec 2018

My bro wife left the home on her own in 2015 within 3 months of marriage, since she was not willing g to stay we filed the divorce post which she filed...

dear client, if she has not filed her evidence then your adv can file an application to close the evidence and proceed the matter further. and if the...View

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