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Lawyer answers

Legal Q/A by Manjinder Singh

Manjinder Singh has answered nearly 15 legal questions for free.

"Help doesn't mean that offering money, offering legal advice is a great help to the society."

Saved Legal Questions
Mayoral elections of Chandigarh Civil 23 Jan 2019

In a recent Mayor elections in Chandigarh, the elected mayor has wilfully submitted false information in the nomination papers. What legal action can be...

it was negligence from ur side if u were awaire of it u may take it on considerationView

Forged stamp and signed of Sarpanch International Law 3 Jan 2019

Sir my opposite party lodged the police complaint that in one of my defence affidavit I have used the fake stamp of Sarpanch. The affidavit was submitted...

they may only register any FIR if it did loss to gram panchayat in any way.. otherwise u take certified copy of that from forign courtView

need of advocate dresscode ANY 28 Dec 2018

What is the importance of advocate's gown ? Why is it compulsory in upper courts ?

what is ur concern with this????View

Maintenance and alimony ANY 21 Aug 2018

Sir My wife was medical student and I paid almost 10 Lakhs for her study. After got a job she started earning and paid off my home loan and home rent...

fr any query call meView

About the first step for getting divorce from my husband Family 12 Jul 2018

Hello sir,mam.we both husband and wife from Punjab want to get divorced ...need help about the basic procedure ...please let m know what to do first to...

did your husband agree to get divorce??if yes thn file a case us 13 b of hma and thn u are able to get such benifit othr wise call me i will explain evry...View

Consumer Court Jurisdiction Consumer Protection 12 Jul 2018

There are two complainant Mr A & Mr B from different cities. Mr A lives in city C & Mr B lives in city D. They made online payment to a trader X from respective...

No it can not be filed in a particular city. both mr. a and mr b filed a seprate case in their respective cities. It only can be possible if they have...View

child custody and i want divorce from her Family 4 Jul 2018

family related ,my spouse after one year of marriage takes the baby child and run to her parents home always remain there whenever i go to my office...

file a suit under gardian act for custody of child in gardian courtView

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