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क्या गरीब को न्याय मिल सकत ANY 32 min(s) ago

यदि कोई गरीब आदमी किसी आरोप में फंस जाता है और उसे सजा या जुर्माना...

Dear client , Vah vaykti court me ek Pauper ki application laga sakta hai court court uska case ladne ke liye free koi vakil appoint kar sakta hai....View

498a.criminal case with family Criminal 1 hour(s) ago

Hello Sir Wife fieled 498a false case and AB is with me.Till now trial is not started and RCR is going on.When she left me i was getting depressed and...

Yes but you need to proove it so that on what basis you make that statement she give slow poison to you collect the evidence then lodge FIR against her...View

Whats the processor of Human.right commission Human Rights 1 hour(s) ago

After complaint to human rights commission how they take action I mean wat they can do and how they can take action what's the processor of Human.rights...

They take action against him who was violate your human right you both party are hearing then it is punished it. If you Satisfied Then Like It.View

Childncustody adoption Family 1 hour(s) ago

Description Hi My sister in law had an affair after merriage when she had 5 year old son. She ran away with that guy also took her son with her. My brother...

Ask your brother to file a petition to get the custody of child. Considering the facts the court may decides accordingly. Being a boy child there is chance...View

How to change Fathers name in Unregistered Land Property Property 1 hour(s) ago

Dear Sir, In one of My Father's Unregistered Land My Grand Father's Nick Name was Written but in All of my Father Present ID proofs and Legal documents...

One and same certificate may be enough for documentationsView

Consumer complaint for TV not delivered as per specification Consumer Protection 1 hour(s) ago

hi this is regarding a consumer complaint. i have purchased a tv from Flipkart (ecommerce site) this included two products 1) MI LED TV 4x 43 (108CMS) 2)...

Immediately send legal notice through lawyer and after that file complaint in consumer forum and claim compensation for the same. Do like my comment if...View

Had patta registration method. Civil 2 hour(s) ago

Dear sir,my mother recd had patta from TN govt on 2009.she is 70yrs old.she like to register the patta to get bank loan or sale.the register asked NOC...


Property deed from the family members Civil 2 hour(s) ago

Hi sir/madam I have ancisteral property. In my family me and my sister. Now I need to get release deed from my sister. whether Release deed is enough...

You better file partition suit and get the relief from there as it will be more authentic. Do like my comment if you are satisfied with my advice.View

At arguement stage secondary evidence application is possible to submi Civil 3 hour(s) ago

hello dear lawyers, Q1) Is it possible to submit the certified copy as secondary evidence in the last stage of case(Argument)? Q2) Under what provision...

in which case you want to file in criminal or in civil case. CLICK LIKE. ADV. YOGESH JALNA COURT.View

Is it legal for job consultancy to keep the original certificates of j Labor 3 hour(s) ago

Is it legal for a job consultancy to keep the original educational certificates of a job seeker. A consultancy made me write a letter ("From" me "To" their...

Dear client, Firstly consultancy is no way an employer , it is just a placement service type or consultant for the aspirants seeking job just for guidance...View

Tenant not paying rent or vacating shop Property 3 hour(s) ago

I'm the owner of a small shop. Present rent is Rs 9000/-. Tenant has paid only Rs 10000 advance many years before. There is no rental agreement as shop...

send notice through lawyer and demand rent. click like. Adv. Yogesh JALNA COURT.View

ancestral property can share only for male If will is there Property 3 hour(s) ago

I am Christian married female separated and staying with my parents. My father had 3 female and a male child. we have 10 acres of ancestral property. father...

Yes of course file partition suit in the concerned court through a local Lawyer. Do like my comment if you are satisfied with my adviceView

Indira awas case of Bihar Banking 3 hour(s) ago

Hi,my father was a bank manager and there was a case of Indira awas at his time period(2013) in which BDO has filled an FIR against Mukhiya and other panchayet...

Whether your father name is in chargesheet or not? If it is then your father has to go through the trial in court. Do like my comment if you are satisfied...View

Will related query need urgent help Property 3 hour(s) ago

Wife has made a will that says property is devised and bequeath to her husband & after his life time rights will be transferred to her brother . Wife...

As per your question husband need not take moc from his brother as he has full rights. Do like my comment if you are satisfied with my advice.View

How to stop someone from tracing calls and hacking data Human Rights 5 hour(s) ago

How to stop someone from tracing and tracking calls and data

1) You can do this by various setting modes available under Google safety Application. 2) Go to a good mobile repair vendor and he will help you in this...View

Want to File FIR thru court Criminal 5 hour(s) ago

My relatives killed my father gave chemicals to my mom and running sex racket want to file a case against all of them but I want to fir thru court they...

you have to engage a lawyer with help of him you can file complain in court but your presents will required in court. click like gift to lawyer. Adv....View

Legal actions to boycott my sibling Family 6 hour(s) ago

Hello, Kindly guide me hw can i break every cord legally between me and my sibling after the death of my parents?? What legal actions I can take to...

If you both have joint property of your parents then you may divide this by filing petition of partition of property among two of them. Secondly, if both...View

Nominee in bank account and life insurance Civil 6 hour(s) ago

Can I keep anyone of my close friend as a nominee in my bank account and life insurance??

Yes definitely.. if you have absolute faith upon him/her.View

Meaning of title in sale deed of land Property 6 hour(s) ago

Is there any difference between DEED OF SALE and DEED OF CONVEYANCE

1) Yes, a sale deed purports to disclose the process of the sake and a deed of conveyance is to ensure that the seller has put the buyer in possession...View

Bank issue against property mortagage Banking 7 hour(s) ago

what happens when a property owner recd kurki notice from bank but no one come forward for purchase of the kurki property

1) Then other way out is available is to publish in news paper mentioning the sale of property quoting the selling price. 2) Please do click upon the...View

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