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Vasiyat or will regarding query Family 25 May 2020

can vasiyat write on plain paper with hand writing and sign by witness is valid will ? can vasiyat write on stamp paper with hand writing and sign by...

Respected sir To answer your question I have to see the will deed or vasiyat. Until and unless I never see it is difficult for me to answer. However this...View

Money from foreign countries Tax 25 May 2020

Is it legal if i am receiving money from foreign countries for virtual service without any registeration? i am an individual person who gets money for...

I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order to provide an effective remedy. Better...View

Pharma company stop my field working Labor 25 May 2020

Iam working last 11 years in reputed delhi based pharma company and company stop my working on 2nd march 2020 and 7th March one letter issue regarding...

Respected sir I want complete.information to answer your question. You can call me through path legal.View

Car Accident with motorbike Accident 25 May 2020

On the way to Delhi my car hit by motorbycycle, we dropped the minor injured to the hospital and we're ready to bare medical expenses but they are not...

Respected sir This is the case of accident it comes under Indian penal code and motor vehicle act. To answer you I sant complete information. You can...View

Divorce and wifes money Family 25 May 2020

Wife and husband purchased a house with mutually collected income..Now wife is taking divorce.How can wife get his money back as the husband is claming...

Respected sir I want complete information to answer your call me through pathlegal.View

Share from joint property. Civil 25 May 2020

We are three brothers in a joint property of DDA.How can i withdraw my share from that share is 1/3 i.e the total value of the property is...

U can filed partition suit before your local dist court and demand his share.and thereafter u can also pray to this unless the case is pending the entire...View

Inherited property and divorce Family 25 May 2020

Who all have the rights of inherited property in this below case? I am hari, 30years old .my mother got separated from father by her wish ( not divorced...

after death of grandmother file suit for partition in court. click like gift.View

Want to know about child pornography Criminal 25 May 2020

I send so many penis nudes to so many girls who belongs to Phillipines but now I regret about that what happened if someone do harm to them then blame...

They can file complain against you. click like gift.View

Loss of property from brother Family 25 May 2020

Sir/madam my mother has given 100grms gold and three lakh cash to my ankul with any avedence he is my mother 2 brothers own last so many years we are fighting...

Respected client. This is the matter of revovery.I want full information to answer it. You can call me through path legal.View

I need a Agreement distributor Business 25 May 2020

I won't to a gas agency Agreement and I need mini distributor agency

sir go to the agency in person and the ask the process of the license and get the one in person. View

मैजिस्ट्रेट को दोबारा जां Criminal 25 May 2020

क्या चार्जशीट जमा होने के बाद मैजिस्ट्रेट को अधिकार है कि...

I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order to provide an effective remedy. Better...View

Need Help under section 37 b and c in Bihar Criminal 25 May 2020

A friend is booked u/ s 37 b, c for drinking and making nauncance on the road under Bihar excise and prohibition amendment act 2018. In patna Bihar What...

sir go to the court on the date ask the friend hire lawyer feel apology and pay the penalty and promise that no repeat of the same , rest is on the court...View

Family problem regarding harassment of my father Family 25 May 2020

Hii sir, me and my mother Came out of our house due to my dad harassment physically, we are at relatives house, we don't have money at hand, though...

You can file a complaint and Better Advice can be given to you only after having a detailed discussion with you, Contact me through path legal for detailed...View

Family matramoniyal disputes Family 25 May 2020

How can husband protect himself if his wife makes false claim of domestic violence in police

Collect the proofs like call recording, audio recording of threatening about file a case against you. That is enough for protected yourself with family. If...View

Agri and non development zone plot can be constructed Property 25 May 2020

If a plot is declared as agri and non development zone then can we construction a residential house or a shop over it with local gram panchayat permissions...

As per law its illegal first of all you need that agriculture land was converted into the Non agriculture that is called NA-44 after that you can construct...View

Could I construct on agri and non development zone plot Property 25 May 2020

One can built a house on plot of a zone agri and non development? If it is in rural and would likely to be go under corporation after few years. Which...

As per law its illegal first of all you need that agriculture land was converted into the Non agriculture that is called NA-44 after that you can construct...View

Contract or a deed for assurance between parties Business 25 May 2020

“A” has got License for the petrol pump dealership in his name. Due to insufficient funds “A” asked His friend B, to invest more 50 plus lacs amount...

Not need to do any partnership because dut to your proposal they was cancelled your license. So you can made a documents between both of you share the...View

Land property dispute among the family Property 25 May 2020

We have a property that we brought around 30 years ago. Now the property was in the name of my mother and one of my cousins. we have paid all his share...

Dear client if you have documentary proof shows that you settle you uncle, then you have 100% wining case. if not both your uncle and you mom have...View

Police of Gujarat not following the Lockdown 4.0guidelines. ANY 25 May 2020

I am a medical practitioner residing in Sutharpada. Taluka Kaprada District Valsad Gujarat and having OPD at Peint in Maharashtra which is 18 km from my...

yes sir the E PASS are asked every day mandatory . as no one knows any person . no sir if the police ask for the bribe then they area dismissed right away...View

Large injurious to weak and no justice Criminal 25 May 2020

Dear lawyers, After fight between two groups. One who powerful always dominant the justice even they hav injured badly to other opponent parties. The...

Dear client time is changed. for poor people, the court provide legal aid and appoint expert advocate to help poor people. The profession of advocates...View

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