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Live in relationship ANY 9 hour(s) ago

If I have a relationship with a married woman, do I have to marry her on the basis of sexual and call details and with the consent of both of them and...


Violation of Toll plaza in a emergency situation and to know about sec Tax 9 hour(s) ago

Sir/Mam I recently had on a toll plaza during my journey from delhi to panipat. i was waiting in a queue for sometime, when my turn came the toll man...

sir report the same to the RTO . sir if there is any FIR then the police will contact you in person or phone . View

Application to recall the prosecution witnesses under section 217-crpc Criminal 10 hour(s) ago

Sir I want Application to recall the prosecution witnesses under section 217-crpc

sir full case detail are mandatory this much would do no good . View

registered property. Property 10 hour(s) ago

We have purchased the property from my mothers brother and given for rent. We had registration he is creating the problems. how can we get...

sir submit the original registration document in the court and ask to dismiss the case . View

I wang to know the legal options to get money compensation. ANY 10 hour(s) ago

I've applied a pharmacist registration certificate in Bihar State Pharmacy Council on 07th of november but didn't get my registration certificate as of...

sir no compensation , but yes send the legal show cause notice for the delay . View

Divorce needed but wife dont Family 10 hour(s) ago

i need divorce but my wife does not want to. we are married for 4 years and struggling for a happy life.

I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order to provide an effective remedy. Better...View

caste claim for employment Labor 10 hour(s) ago

sr iam puducherry but my husband tamilnadu after marriage I also change my ration card, voter ID, employment card adhar card to my husband address. Now...

Issue a Legal Notice and I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order to provide...View

Want to file a case Civil 10 hour(s) ago

Hi sir My husband father as sold my husband grandfather property in 1997 without my husband signature can we file a case against who as purchased it...

Respected client This is matter partition and separate possession you can file.for further detail call me through pathlegal.View

Advice needed on property sealing in delhi Property 11 hour(s) ago

My Name Is Paramjeet Singh. 1 Year Before , There Was Sealing Drive Going On In New Delhi. In Which They Were Sealing Those Properties Who Have Applied...


Issue of lease money Consumer Protection 11 hour(s) ago

I have purchased residential flat from builder in kota rajasthan. In mutual agreement he mentioned to pay lease money of Rs 150000. That I have paid by...

Issue a Legal Notice and I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order to provide...View

Want to my baby from my wife are Divorce Family 11 hour(s) ago

Respected Dear Sir/ Madem I have baby recently no 2 month old ,My mother in law didn't send back my wife after delivery for my baby, she's speaking un...

sir better do one thing that relinquish your right in parents property and send the same to the wife then check the reaction , sir in family matter there...View

How can i do complain against fake astrologist ANY 11 hour(s) ago

Sir astrologer name is gagan sharma and i met him online so i don't know his location. May be he is from punjab and i am from Karnataka.he told me that...

kindly do not name any person as this is public plat form the person can take it as defamation . sir go for the FIR and sir astrology is study of prediction...View

Debt consolidation of loans and credit cards Banking 12 hour(s) ago

Will banks consider request of debt consolidation if we have multiple bank loans and credit cards? Or is there a chance in extending the number of...

Respected sir This is matter.of SARFESI Act. Therefore I want full information to answer it you can call me.through pathlegal for further detail.View

Legal help inherited property Property 13 hour(s) ago

My mother got a flat from her mother by will and she has gifted the flatto one son leaving aside other siblings what r other siblings rights and what...

Nil .it is her self acquired property property received by will or gift is self acquired and person can give to any one .even give to stranger . click...View

Muslim Inheritance in IndiaGrandsons dispute of land appropriation No Property 13 hour(s) ago

Can you please guide me through some landmark judgements regarding Muslim Inheritance in India? Where property is disputed among legal heirs? Example...

Dear.client To answer this question I want.full information you can call me through pathlegal for further detail.View

Either or survivor savings bank account , legal heirs (son) are benifi Banking 13 hour(s) ago

If the joint account has an operation clause either or survivor, then on death of first holder (father) the survivor (daughter) can withdraw the money....

no. the survivor is the sole owner . the legal heirs may assert their right in court but bank will give to survivor . click like click likeView

For salary and full and final from company how can I get Labor 13 hour(s) ago

Dear sir I m working in magma finance company Kaithal on roll collection executive one year but last six months I have not get my salary......

now send lawyer notice / click likeView

Service matter experts ANY 18 hour(s) ago

Advocate required for service matters Experts service required to file a petation

please locate from the panel of this site or from BAR this site does not suggest names . click likeView

How to get sole custody of child legally from abandoned father Family 21 hour(s) ago

I have a 3 year old son who was abandoned by his father from the time I was conceived. After the delivery, I gave his father, Khula to end the marriage....

file child custody petition in court.View

Want my money to get tefund, Criminal 21 hour(s) ago

Hi, Myself Amit Kumar, Looking help for financial transaction, which is done between my brother and a advocate for granting bail of mine, when I was...

Issue a legal Notice and I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order to provide...View

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