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Thermal screemin has been made mandatory by notification of Ministry o Civil 19 May 2020

"Thermal screening has been made mandatory by notification of Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India on 3rd May, during lockdown 2.0. Apartment association...

yes it is mandatory . sir go to the police and ask the same in person .View

NPA TO BE REGULARAISE Banking 19 May 2020

I am navanayaka I took education loan of 200000 and not paid now it is npa from 3 years can I regularize and repay by emis

Dear client yes, you can. go for one time settlement to bank and payit. PVS SAI KUMAR, ADVOCATE, VISAKHAPATNAM CLICK LIKE View

Fire of pregnant employee Labor 19 May 2020

I work with Times of India on third party payroll as contract base but not on their own payroll. I am pregnant which i already informed to my boss before...

send them notice through lawyer. click like gift.View

How to Change in the UDR Correction for getting Patta and change the Z Property 19 May 2020

How to Change in the UDR Correction for getting Patta and change the Zero Patta I have a land in chennai, which was bought it before 25 years from a...

Dear client 1. every govt body are lazy 2. better issue letter for status of your application. 3. then file writ in high court for take necessary...View

Distance between well and a borewell Civil 19 May 2020

What is distance between well and a borewell In agriculture land

Dear client there is no law for specifically define the distance between bore and borewell PVS SAI KUMAR, ADVOCATE, VISAKHAPATNAM CLICK LIKE View

Revok of the settlement deed Property 19 May 2020

Can we revok the settlement deed without the beneficiary, the deed is 14 years old

Dear client yes, u can but there are some restrictions to do PVS SAI KUMAR, ADVOCATE, VISAKHAPATNAM CLICK LIKE View

Did not get salary clearance Labor 19 May 2020

I did not got my salary clearance from hotel horizon plaza, city center, Gwalior. The clearance amount is around one lakh five thousand. I was working...

send them notice through lawyer & file complain in labour. click like gift.View

its very big problm for me Labor 19 May 2020

Hii. Dear sir we are working in a company in noida cloud point tecnologiest at last 1 year I m from meerut but i rented in noida So problem is company...

Dear, Serv a demand notice to authorized person of company and give an application to MD asto it. Click like. Ad. Praveen Kumar.View

got termination letter Labor 19 May 2020

Dear Sir, I got a termination letter from Maharishi ayurveda which is in Noida and posted me as a post of Medical representative. During lockdown period...

Retrenchment in disguise of termination, discharge or disciplinary proceedings is bad in law. Since this is force majeure event, termination only for proven...View

Legal procedure for divorce Family 19 May 2020

Respected , sir/ madam Im aqil sayed 28 yrs adult ,Indian citizen from Mumbai. Im got married to my wife in Feb 25 /20 , since from second day of my...

take 1 safety bond frm her & mention all things frm starting of marriage till today& that she is hot temper,sucide minded girl & in future if she attempt...View

Please guide me .. what can I do Property 19 May 2020

I am very distrubed because of my sister and her husband. They are not good with us. They abused my mother, defamed her and demanded money. My mother got...

file civil suit not to distrub in your peaceful possesion in court. click like gift.View

About case procedure in lockdown Family 19 May 2020

My case in family court of Hyderabad is on June family court is working now sir.iam from Andhra Pradesh.some one is telling cases in family court...

Needs Detailed Discussion as complete information is not available. To Write the Whole Answer is not Possible for Me. You may fix an appointment with...View

credit card defaulter Banking 19 May 2020

Can the property of a credit card defaulter be seized while a four wheeler vehicle is financed in my name is. and i have also 4 to 5 credit cards all...

They can recover your assests.View

Renewal of contract of contractual employees during lockdown ANY 19 May 2020

Good afternoon... I am working as assistant professor in an institute on contract bases since last 4 years. It got renewed every year. This year contract...

No it is extended due to the COVID19 lockdown its not made it after the ending of lockdown your contract was renewed it. Thank you and Like it.View

Trespass case on my house property Property 19 May 2020

We rented out our home to a local woman journalist along with her parents and a brother. Being an acquaintance, we didn't have a rent agreement. Been asked...

1.You can issue a legal notice through lawyer and claim your rent from Sep 2018 to up to date (current) and time period was given 15 days. 2.If not any...View

Help ro divide a Jewelery Shop of two brothers after the death of one Property 19 May 2020

Suppose there are two brothers(1&2) who owned a jewelry shop but there is no such agreement done between them and brother(1) dies. After the death of the...

Beforwe answer this question it is important to know that the jewellery shop which they were owned , is it there fathers property or they were purched...View

Property papers (GPA) is missing Property 19 May 2020

Hello sir I have inquiry related to my property papers. My property is in JanakPuri and it was on GPA . But the problem is that we have lost/ misplace...

Ok through ece.. We can find out all that.. We need to apply for that.. Paepprs in registration office.. View

Declaration suit of property title time limit ANY 19 May 2020

Is there any time limit for filling suit for declaration of title of property like 12 years from the date of expiry of my father? Or can declaration suit...

Yes but we can go head with the dely petition if necessary.. View


A land in the name of husband and husband died. after that wife gave that land to one of her daughter as a DAAN PATRA in 2004 without the knowledge of...

Dear Client, As husband died leaving property intestate so his wife , daughter and 2 sons have equal shares in the property as legal heirs, so, wife...View

Married but want to marry bf Family 18 May 2020

I got married on 5march2019..i want to marry with my boyfriend but my parents don't want me to give divorce to my husband if I do so they will restrict...

legally you cant marry without divorce but by ran away you can marry but it will be your responsibility. you can do cruelty, abuse, torture to your...View

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