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Rent agreement proof for BGV verification ANY 18 May 2020

Am stating on rent as a tenant at mumbai but the agreement copy is in my friends name. My name is added into the documents without my signature. So will...

Sir tenancy agreement must be on the name of landlord and tenant and it is required to be registered as per maharashtra rent control Act. See section 55...View

Declaration suit time limit ANY 18 May 2020

I just want to know that is there any time limit for filling declaration and of property like such declaration suit need to be filed only after some years...

better file transfer ownership from fathers names to your name in registerd office or collector office. click like gift.View

Seniority of waiting list candidate ANY 18 May 2020

I am working in state government department from 2018. i was selected as general candidate for total 11 posts from which 3 posts were for general. I was...

Yes sure you may file objection against your department..View

Verbal abuse reply to sisters verbal abuse , kindly advice ANY 18 May 2020

Hi , i verbally abused my cousin sister in response to her verbal abuse. And also threatened her for life. The police have filed a chargesheet. And i...

sir again the same thing ,sir why all this started and where is your family why they did not stop you both . View

Tenants Not vacating my single room Civil 18 May 2020

I have given my single room house rent to two persons without rental agreement.they have been living there since 6 months.there are not paying rent to...

either kick them out forcefully or send them notice through lawyer & file suit for eviction in court. click like gift.View

Path problem between brothers Property 18 May 2020

I have built a house in nagercoil. The actual path leading to my house was shared by me and by brother as he had 3 coconut trees on the other side of the...

You can file a Civil Suit into the court against him for close the path for comming and going and also annexed the photos if you have a previous path so...View

Declaration suit of property Civil 18 May 2020

Is there any time limit for filling suit for declaration of title of property or can such a declaration suit of property be filed any time during life...

if in family matter no time limit , but out of this then there is time limit as the same with the lawyer at the area sub registrar in person. View

Cheating by Share market trader. Criminal 18 May 2020

I have been contacted by my friend (we were working together 20 years back). He asked me whether I am interested in share market trading. I told don't...

sir go for the FIR . View


UP Police Sub Inspector advt.2016 Me 3307 seats nikli jisme 2486 seats filled. Esme Gen & OBC seats filled, jbki SC/ST ki seats candidates not available...

sir contact education department for the same .View

Illegal transfer of share certificate of co operative society bungalow ANY 18 May 2020

Joint properties of my late father is transferred illegally in the year 2007 . There is no sale deed in that property of co operative society bungalow...

as from knowledge you can challenge it in court as well as file police complain against them. click like gift. View

Verbal abuse and life threats. Do i face 7 years jailtime ANY 18 May 2020

Hi i abused my sister verbally in reply to her verbal abuse first. She abused me verbally first. I applied for bail at the police station first and then...

no.. You will not be jailed. Just file F.I.R QUASH petition at HIGH COURT than the f.i.r will be quash & case will be close. click like gift.View

Advice of Property Inheritance Family 18 May 2020

Hello. 1. My mother is alive and has accuired 3 properties solely through her hard earned money. Father is expired. The present distribution agreed by...

sir first of all as the property are mother property it is obsolete , then no one has any share in it . no way . it is total mother wish as to give to...View

खलिहान की जमीन पर कब्जे के Property 18 May 2020

खलिहान की जमीन पर कब्जा किया जा सकता है सरकारी तरीके के तहत।...

sir puri baat likhe tab hi sahi javab mil sakega . View

Unpayment of Scholarship under student visa Labor 18 May 2020

I am a European researcher hired by a University in Bangalore with a Postdoctoral Scholarship and student visa. Since 2 months back, they have stopped...

sir kindly contact your country embassy the police commissioner , the BDO in person.View

Noc not provided by hdfc bank Banking 18 May 2020

Dear Sir / Madam Very good morning again i writimg in complete this is the complaint where i have purchased used car dzire from.customer vipin sharma...

sir kindly contact lawyer in person. on phone or in person as with out in person discussion the lawyer can not reply to the point thing ,.View

Collection of Divorce copy immediately Family 18 May 2020

Hello Sir, I have my divorce MC number, how can collect the divorce copy now amid Lock down situation now . my marriage is halted as I don’t have a divorce...

right now its not possible to obtain copy from court bcoz during lockdown the court are closed & lawyer are also not able to obtain copy from court. So...View

સરકારી સેવા મા કોર્ટ જજમેન ANY 18 May 2020

આજરોજ માન.શિક્ષણ મંત્રી શ્રી ના કેઇસ માં નામ.સુપ્રીમ કોર્ટ...

sir by this thing no can reply as no one knows the reason and the case facts as such .View

Rights of adopted child Property 18 May 2020

My elder uncle has adopted me 35 yrs. Back. He has one female child and they have not made any deed or agreement because that was totally mutual understanding...

1.You can claim the share into the property even through he was not a biological father of your. 2.They was adopted you through adoption procedure & also...View

Seeking advice on what steps and procedure to follow next Family 18 May 2020

Marital issue. I have applied for DVC case against my husband and family. Now they have approached high court nd got stay , applied divorce as well. Now,...

contest divorce bcoz without ur wish he cant get divorce.file dowry complain against husband & in laws in police station. file maintence case in court. send...View

Sir their is a person telling me that their is a fir on me Criminal 18 May 2020

Sir somewhat about 5 months ago I sold my old mobile to a second hand mobile dealer. Now a week ago he called me and said that there is something wrong...

check online status of F.I.R bcoz your name is f.i.r than you have to obtain bail. click like gift.View

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