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Property related query Property 16 May 2020

I want to know how can I sell my deceased father's and mother's property in Kolkata ? I'm the only legal heir.

yes why not , if there is no one as siblings then you are free to sale it . View

My reply to Nithya madam qbout reply to my question Family 16 May 2020

Thank you Nithya madam and yogesh sir , but Nithya madam that time based on my counsel suggestion and since my husband is troubling me by cutting of...

madam in whose name the property is registered , madam as you say that it is husband property so he will do any thing to make you out of the property any...View

Can I use illegal trespassword for my husband entering his ground floo Family 16 May 2020

Sir/madam, I've put conjugal rights petition in the Hon'ble court and I'm staying in my husband house/ matrimonial house but my husband has gone out...

madam status quo is for the property, not the relation . and as you only have filed the petition of RCR then husband has full right to come in the house...View

To file a Private pition on them and issue a legal notice Criminal 16 May 2020

Sir/madam we are staying mamillagudem khammam since more than 01 year our house owner is harssing in all acsepts finally he brought arround 25 memebers...

file private complain in court through lawyer under section 156,3 View

Charge sheet and after process Criminal 16 May 2020

If police submitted the charge sheet to court. magistrate can remove an accused person before starting trails.

sir magistrate never remove them with out trial .after the charge sheet the trial is there , then the punishment is there .View



sir go for the RTI and check the situation then go for the FIR. View

bank NoC not provided by car registwred owner Criminal 16 May 2020

Sirvery good morning . It is rhe matter of 3 parties . 1.) Me Gaurav ( doing car sale purchase business on commission basis and mediator between seller...

Dear client, Since the NOC of the registered owner is essential for selling to another buyer , so it is better to contact Bank and peruse to expedite...View

Heavy deposit money not refund Criminal 16 May 2020

Sir, We are from mulund we took a house on heavy deposit of 4 lac from a sindhi landlord. We live there 1year he gave us a cheque of rs 4 lac and we...

send him notice through lawyer as early as possible & file cheque bounce complain in court.View

Inheriting husbands self acquired property and duty of a widowed daugh Family 16 May 2020

I am a widow of 33 years age living with two daughters and in-laws. My husband had no brothers but two sisters who are now married. What the Hindu Law...

you have equal share with sisters and his mother if alive . click likeView

Tambola is legal/ilegal ANY 16 May 2020

Sir We formed by a group and play online mobile app. It has any problem by legal?

sir till no money transaction is there till it is ok .View

Legal heir Certificate Family 16 May 2020

Dear Sir/Mam, I want to get legal heir for my grand father ,My grandfather only daughter is my mom but my also passed away ,My mom only son is me. I'm...

just apply to tehsildar of that area .that is all . simple application with proof that you are son of his daughter . click likeView

The lady says she will do fir on me so I am not getting what to do Civil 16 May 2020

We started chatting in January and February we part ways but from may 13 I am getting her msgs from her that she wil put fir on me

you can do nothing .that is why you do not know what to do . there is no case now to fight . i you can not prevent FIR so just wait and defend if Fir is...View

Public park Vs temple construction in park ANY 16 May 2020

Sir ,it is legal and allowed to construct a temple in city public park

yes why not , if the public has no objection then it is legal . View

Rent oayment to Rent Controller Office during Covid Lockdown Civil 16 May 2020

During yhis lockdown since last week of March , I have been unable to pay Rent to the Rent Controller Office in Alipore Court . Is there a possibility...

Needs Detailed Discussion as complete information is not available. To Write the Whole Answer is not Possible for Me. You may fix an appointment with...View

How to send wife to her house, when she is not respecting anyone Family 16 May 2020

My problem is associated with my wife. I was married in Nov,2018 and from day onwards, my wife is doing misbehave with everyone. The very 3rd day, she...

if u want to send ur wife at his mother house than u have to beat her, torture her, abuse her & kick out her from ur house. After this u can file divorce...View

Information of IPC 498a Family 16 May 2020

Sir in a 498a case can IO delete names from FIR and file charge sheet . Bcoz in my friends case IO removed name and filed CS only on A1 only and he stated...

Needs Detailed Discussion as complete information is not available. To Write the Whole Answer is not Possible for Me. You may fix an appointment with...View

Cancellation of the Will Property 16 May 2020

We need any beneficiary signature or fingerprints(as fingerprints are there in the registered will document) to cancel the will document and create the...

Needs Detailed Discussion as complete information is not available. To Write the Whole Answer is not Possible for Me. You may fix an appointment with...View

Is bankruptcy my option Banking 16 May 2020

Hi Ajay, I have huge debt due to bank and financial institutions. I'm in not a position to pay this debt, as I'm sick and unemployed. Is bankruptcy my...

let the lenders recover if you have nothing natural bankruptcy . click likeView

Ban the tiktok app from India 2020 Human Rights 16 May 2020

TikTok is making the humans life into risk. More 119 millon users from India. 277.1 billion time user are using from India. Many students are wasting...

sir this is parents duty to keep check on the kids as what they do and how they do . uninstall the app from the kids phone , and put child lock so the...View

My spouse is living with her parents for last 2 year and not coming ba Civil 16 May 2020

Their is a dispute between me and my wife .we marriage 2year and 8months before but after 8 months she leave me and she staying with her father.there is...

1st contact her in any way & convence her to come back. If refuse to come than issue her notice through lawyer to come back & file restitution of conjugal...View

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