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Fraud in land selling and buying Property 7 May 2020

Sir, my mother sold a piece of land which was registered by her name.she did not inform any family members. The buyer did not pay her entire money. now...

send him notice through lawyer & file money recovery suit in court.View

ISI marked substandard product Consumer Protection 7 May 2020

I build my house using isi marked captain tmt bar. But recently I have seen that it fails BIS quality test. In their website it is also mentioned that...

send them notice through lawyer & file complain in consumer.View

Home loan PMAY subsidy not received after 2.3 years. Consumer Protection 7 May 2020

Hi, I had taken a home loan from Lichfl Patna. After 6 months of running the loan I started inquiry about my PMAY subsidy then the agent who has completed...

who told you this that there is subsidy on home loan , contact the bank manager in person . View

Home loan PMAY subsidy not received after 2.3 years. Consumer Protection 7 May 2020

Hi, I had taken a home loan from Lichfl Patna. After 6 months of running the loan I started inquiry about my PMAY subsidy then the agent who has completed...

send them notice through lawyer & file complain in consumer court.View

Matrimonial, divorce and crpc 125 Maritime law 7 May 2020

Sir, I filed a divorce case on wife. In past, she wrote some insulting letters at my workplace with false allegations of dowry, beaten up and regarding...

sir go for the divorce and make wife run for the money part . let the case be there, as this is normal scenario these days . View

blackmailing continuously through in social media Information Technology 7 May 2020

My freind was using a fake Facebook profile for posting only devotional news and posts. He has never humiliated any other religion in any way in that profile....

sir already asked that go to the police department cyber cell in person . talk to them .View

Seeking advice on wife abusing parents/husband Family 7 May 2020

My brother marriage completed 3 years almost and his wife use to abuse my parents and him also almost every 3 day and she is forcing him to divorce because...

sir then first ask the brother to hire private detective to chase wife as if she has any illegal relation from any one . then ask brother to transfer all...View

MarriMarriage dossolution Family 7 May 2020

I am a pensioner.I remarried a widow staying in Ekm 2010 and life was going on. She ha two sons ( working software engr n 2) studying In...

sir first give your new address and change your phone number in your office to change the residence for the record , so that any thing about you will not...View

Employer not clear my retirement dues Labor 7 May 2020

Hi, My employer have not been settled my full and final. I did service of 38 years.i have been chasing since my retirement march 2018. Let me advice...

who is employer? government or Pvt ? if government please give one final representation and after 30 days file case in administrative tribunal . If Pvt...View

Wish to lodge a legal case against employer base at Hyderbad Labor 7 May 2020

Hello Sir . I am Kuntal Chakraborty from kolkata . I used to work with Dr Reddys labs based at Hyderbad as All india head sales and marketing. I joined...

Yes.. We will guide u for that contact usView

Blackmailing me telling he will humiliate me in front of others in fac Information Technology 7 May 2020

Dear Sir, As public will target me in very bad way, i was using a fake facebook profile in a girls name , it became so popular and every post had avarage...

sir no need to listen the guy , just go to the police and tell the truth . and sir delete the account right now with help of the cyber cell police department...View

Home Mortgage with out the permission of co-owner. Now both Owner are Civil 7 May 2020

our home is the name of my brother and father. my brother got mortgage loan without my father knowledge 2 lakshs from private person with 2% using xerox...

impossible . no transaction can be done one of the joint owners . pse check up and challenge it has to be forgery . click likeView

Misbehave of policeincharge Civil 7 May 2020

I am public sector bank employee working in a nationalized bank as assistant manager. I am posted in jharkhand. During this covid19 pandemic I entered...

sir go for the FIR at the police commissioner right now and give the same on the news paper too . View

Land acquisition and rehabilitation bill 2013 ANY 7 May 2020

Is it possible to demand land as compensation instead of money in telangana ?

sir this depends on the scheme only , contact the department in person . View

Amount of maintenance under 125crpc Family 7 May 2020

Maintenance case under crp125 against me by wife 1sonand 1 daughter in bbsr family salary is 43000 thousand. Petitioners damand 45000 thousand....

the court can grant five thousand maintence to your child & ten thousand to your wife.View

Landlord force for leaving room in lockdown Property 7 May 2020

In lockdown situation ,our landlord say us for leaving room,my father (55) & mother (52), in such situations what options I have?? We not done any agreement...

Let me be clear - no one is above the law. Not a politician, not a priest, not a criminal, not a police officer. We are all accountable for our actions....View

Illegal economic activity ANY 7 May 2020

I am a group c central government employee. I open a demat a/c with zerodha. I use it for last five months when off duty. Is it a crime? Is my job under...

sir kindly contact with the police department cyber cell then do as what they ask you for the same . View

Please show me right path Property 7 May 2020

I suffer a lot from my sister and her husband. They tortured my mother a lot. They used to accuse her of false accusations and discredit her among relatives,...

file maintence case in court through mother. Transfer that property in the name of mother.View

Execution of order of consumer forum Consumer Protection 7 May 2020

Got x party order from district consumer Court. The opponent party is absconding. The ep notice sent by court came back. The court cannot issue warrant...

File execution of order of CF after searching OP and his property. Otherwise your case infrastructure after 3 years from order date.View

Extramarital affair and subsequent arrest Family 7 May 2020

My husband is under arrest on an fir, grounds are it act 66d,e,67a,ipc 354,354a,506. Fir is lodged by one who he has been in extramarital affair with....

#you cannot proceed agaisnt both as the interest of both persons are clashing now, #before taking any action, you have to take your stand whether you...View

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