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Reg dakhil kharij after division between two brothers. Property 15 May 2020

Resident of bihar sharif Residing at ranchi. Husband is no more. After division dakhil kharij is pending at block office since may 1919. Got the reciept...

you need to contact a local advocate or you can contact me for that it is a simple problem will be done just go to the commissioner office people will...View

Matrimonial family issues/ Divorce advise required Family 15 May 2020

Hello, I got married two years ago. My wife was only about 40days in first 5 months period (in between 5months she was going to her parents house and...

Dear client , You have many problems. So do email or chat or phone to me for detail discuss. Some answers see following Do contest to petition of his...View

Enforce court order of visitation Family 15 May 2020

If my daughter 14 years refuse to meet me when I have court order of visitation what I do at this situation. How I meet INDIA At what age...

if daughter refused to meet you than you cant do anything.View

Regarding applying for new chamber and in empty place from new side ANY 15 May 2020

Dear sir With due respect I want to ask that if I have completed my law and got licensed from bar now for my career I have to apply...

Dear Sir, If any another advocate is working then you can apply and get permissions.View

Enforce visitation order ANY 15 May 2020

MY daugter 14 years old refuse to talk with me in lockdown . I have visitation court order. After lockdown can my daughter meet me if she is not interested...

file section 97 petition in court for legal custody.View

correction nxa and patta Civil 15 May 2020

settlement before 36 desmil after settlelement plot ic 32 de 4 de is added other plot . correction of nxa and patta

Mutations Appeal file for better discussion you can call me View

Property issue. Question is based on property splitting. Property 15 May 2020

My grandfather owns 10 acres of land from his father. It was given to him when his father was in healthy and good state. Now my grandfather is growing...

Dear brother 1. you have not stated whether it is ancestral property 2. otherwise grand father can divide and give the property to his sons and grand...View

नौकरी से निकालने के विषय म Labor 15 May 2020

सर में एक फ़ार्मा प्राइवेट लिमिटेड कम्पनी में पिछले 13वर्षों...

company ko lawyer k through notice bheje aur labour court me case file kare.View

New company not given salary Human Rights 15 May 2020

Hi I'm Vipin I'm join a pharma company in Jan 2020 and he given me old tablet and 7000. Rs for advance expeness and after one and half month passed I'm...

send them notice through lawyer & file complain in labour court.View

I want to talk with my daughter on phone in lockdown period Family 15 May 2020

I have order of criminal lashkar court Pune in this court remark take support of police to enforce visitation order. Also order of family court Pune for...

Ok.. U can seek help. Of police and contact her.. Atlest through phone.. View

A Teachers distress call ANY 15 May 2020

I am a primary school teacher teaching in a private unaided school in Ratnagiri since 2008. My school has not taken any grant from the state government....

Dear madam My reply to your questions is as under: 1. First can the school terminate me for the reason given by them? Mostly they can with a notice...View

Share and power splitting Business 15 May 2020

How can I keep my power to be part of taking decision of a company as a director or shareholder even if my share percent go below 51% after a third party...

You just need to be the Higher percentage holder to have an upper hand in the company decision making. You can buy back shares and reallocate the shares...View

Can anyone tell me the framework of civil and law Civil 14 May 2020

Can anyone tell me the framework of civil and criminal law or the basics of it.

The question needs a elaborate reading and understanding. You may check online and you will find the details with much explanations. View

बच्चे से बात करना चाहता हू Family 14 May 2020

मेरा divorce हो गया है मेरा एक बच्चा 6.9 month का है बच्चे की cusdoty मेरी वाइफ...

Dear client, Sole physical custody means the child shall reside with and under the supervision of one parent i.e. mother in your case as per court order...View

How to form a Family Trust Property 14 May 2020

I am a salaried professional and have my own IT file. Recently I inherited a cash equivalent of Rs 5,00,000/- after my mother expired. I would like to...

Dear client, firstly you would have create family trust under Indian Trust Act and get it registered. Now you may invest you money as FD in a bank , but...View

Complain against Employeer ANY 14 May 2020

Dear Sir i want to know that my employer deduct my salary 50% during lockdown i want complain against is it poosiable.

send him notice through lawyer & file complain in labour court.View

Cyber Crime and Threatening to Kidnap and publish photo in Porn websit Criminal 14 May 2020

Expert opinion please: FACTS: 1)Mrs X is having two kids and also she has lodged 498A and CRPC 125 against her husband two and half years back. Cases...

no worry , stop the same right now , stop the contact stop taking calls and all , be calm and never repeat the same this is cheating not fun . go to...View

Visiting rights for children after wife walks out of the house Family 14 May 2020

My daughter in law has left my son home about 8 months back and has taken the children with her. Now she does not allow the father to meet the children....

better send her notice through lawyer to come back otherwise file restitution conjugal right case with interium application for visit petition of child....View

Wrong post distribute Property 14 May 2020

कॉलोनी की सोसाइटी में क्या किसी रेंटल पर्सन को जो किराये से...

He can be appointed as the secretary of the colony, which would be an important post of the society. View

How my son get property from his father Family 14 May 2020

Am staying in my parents home from last 9 years with my 11 years son.he left me in my parents house with out any reason so many times my parents tried...

madam , here you did not mention as why are you living with your parents why , tell that first . and why yet you have not file case to attach husband self...View

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