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contested divorce proceedings Family 24 Sep 2020

want to know procedure for contested divorce where female is earning

Dear client, You can call me through pathlegal for detail adviceView

Full Procedure of Stay / Injunction of the house. Property 24 Sep 2020

Respected Sir/Mam, I want to know, what is the procedure of stay/injunction of the house, what is permanent and temporary stay / injunction. After stay...

if anything is happening in that palace u can ask the high court for the stay and will stop the work also for better u can contact us will guide u View

loan and intrest theory Banking 24 Sep 2020

sir , i have loan for 48 emi from home credit i reglar paid 24 emi i wnt colse loan but company chargsed high intrest company take intrset first then balance...

I would need to examine the exact loan document. The rate of interest seem to be nearly 20% . Now, you want foreclosure on full payment. I think it should...View

Why banks charge heavily on customers Banking 24 Sep 2020

Banks are charging heavily on personal loans and after moratorium they have increased the emi exorbitantly, where we they are paying peanuts on FDs and...

Moratorium is another way to dupe customers ot their hard earned money giving it a disguise of an easy payment. The bank managers and other agents are...View

How to prevent false pre emptors Property 24 Sep 2020

Is it necessary to issue Notice to pre emptors before I sell my agricultural landed property? Or how can I prevent any potential preemptive suit when the...

Giving any notice will indicate that you are not sure of your title over that property. Anyone can go to court and say that I have a claim over the property...View

Court Marriage issue Family 24 Sep 2020

I wanted to know about conditions and requirements for court marriage in inter caste religion.

Dear client, You can call me through pathlegal for detail adviceView

Its too important to know. Maritime law 24 Sep 2020

Sir, mai apni se marriage kar chuka hoon. Jab vo balik thi, maine arya samaj me shaadi ki or fir registered bhi kra li shaadi Lekin ek problem ye h ki...

Yes koi issur nh hoga View

bank credit card payment Banking 23 Sep 2020

My dad had made transaction using his credit card of rs 22000 in the year 2005...he died in 2006 ,at that time we were not capable to pay that amount so...

if they ask for the payment then u can go with that or u can reach with them and settle the amount for best contact with us will guide u how to clear that...View



Yes you will get justice file FIR against them..Police will take action against them.. Hit like button..View

Requesting help to file a PIL Human Rights 23 Sep 2020

I would like to file a PIL requesting for exercising fundamental right of an Indian to choose a life partner IF and WHEN he/she wants to and not under...

u can file over that for best contact with us will guide u View

Refusal by society to provide NOC Property 23 Sep 2020

Hi, I am a resident of Mumbai. I have recently sold my flat and have requested in writing the society to provide me with an NOC so that the buyer can get...

If you are having the documents of ownership of flat is itself sufficient to sell the flat.. Hit like..View

Under which circumstance employer will not have to make PF contributi Labor 23 Sep 2020

Under which circumstances an employer will not have to make PF contribution?


complaint on electricity department Human Rights 23 Sep 2020

There is a electricity pole had installed Infront of my land and now I am going to start construction of my house in that land so I want to remove that...

File complaint to electricity department for this.. Hit like..View

RTP agent Give my RC to Other person Motor Vehicle 23 Sep 2020

My Agent gives my RC to other person, Direct after getting RC form RTO office

question him and apply for urs forbest contact with us View

Provident Fund for Re-employed employees Labor 23 Sep 2020

Is it mandatory for a company to make provident fund contributions to employees who have re-joined the same company? Under which law and Section?

Yes it is mandatory under service rules.. Hit like..View

Property dealer neither giving my money back nor giving the plot Property 23 Sep 2020

In 2015, I was purchasing a plot in Dehradun, gave some amount of move money to the property dealer and then waited for them to make the registry, as soon...

File FIR against them and file specific performace suit in civil court..For more assistant contact me through pathlegal.. Hit like..View

For dismiss of mutual divorce petition. Civil 23 Sep 2020

I filed a mutual Divorce case in court and first motion has been attend. And second motion is pending, now I dont want to give divorce to my Husband. How...

If you dont want to give divorce then file an application in court to withdraw the mutual divorce case.. Then your husband will file the contested divorce...View

What is limitation of time to file recall application in High Court Criminal 23 Sep 2020

Sir/Ma'am, My Criminal Revision Application has been dismissed by the Hon'ble Calcutta High Court on 18.09.2020 but mistakenly, without looking forward...

30 days. Call or mail me for assistance. Supreme Court LawyerView

Cheated by a person but want to live with him Criminal 23 Sep 2020

My friend has got cheated by a person now he married to someone but she not listening she saying she want to stay with him only or else she lives alone...

contactu us will guide u how to avoid this View

Using intimidating words like stupid etc on family members phone Human Rights 23 Sep 2020

If someone texts that I am behaving "stupid" on the mobile phone of my father , is it an offense of violation of privacy?

file defamation case and claim the compensation View

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