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Clear information regarding heinous offence commited by 16 to 18 yrs o ANY 13 May 2020

Do every teenager between ages 16 to 18 will be tried as an adult for heinous offences like rape, murder?? Or the JJB will decide for heinous offences...

above 18 will be treated as adult.View

Online earning tax filing query Tax 13 May 2020

I am a blogger, no I will start earning around 10 lakhs per year as per my analytics, this is by google adsense placing adds on my website. I want to know...

Needs Detailed Discussion as complete information is not available. To Write the Whole Answer is not Possible for Me. You may fix an appointment with...View

Please suggest me to solve my problem Family 13 May 2020

I have two children (boys) first son age 5+, second son 11 months.i am suffering from my sister-in-law family and my mother- in-law, father-in-law since...


Road extension on occupying of land Property 13 May 2020

Can we give up our land for road extension.or we can avoid.

Dear client if govt provide good compensation to you then you may give or not then refuse it. if notification published by govt, then challenge it in...View

Share percentage from sale of Ancestral House Property 13 May 2020

Ancestral House is in the name of my grand mother. For my grand mother, 4 children including my mother. ( 3 uncles + My mother) My mother has expired....

Dear client you will get 1/3 share of your mothers 1/4 share. PVS SAI KUMAR, ADVOCATE, VISAKHAPATNAM CLICK LIKEView

Salary not paid in notice period Labor 13 May 2020

Sir, I have resigned from job giving two months notice. I am working sincerely in notice period. I have not received salary for April month. Date of notice...

Needs Detailed Discussion as complete information is not available. To Write the Whole Answer is not Possible for Me. You may fix an appointment with...View

A problem occurred at a E-commerce Site Consumer Protection 13 May 2020

I had ordered a product in a E-commerce website (Snapdeal) a few days ago My Order had Confirmed after three days the seller had cancelled my order and...

send them notice through lawyer & file complain in consumer court.View

Urgent Bail for IPC 201 and 34 Criminal 13 May 2020

One of my friend is accused in a criminal case. And he is added as 2nd accuses and they only added IPC 201 and 34 against him. Whether he is eligible to...

Dear client how many time you post the same. how ever it is not bailable as such he is not eligible to get bail PVS SAI KUMAR, ADVOCATE, VISAKHAPATNAM CLICK...View

I earn agricultural land by uluvavane bhoomiya now is it deserve my br Family 13 May 2020

Sir I earn four acre agricultural land by Indira gandhi act uluvavane bhomiya odeya now I am transfer to my son but my brothers also asking it so tell...

Dear client if the patta in your name, then you have a liberty to transfer the land as per your wish. your brother not have any right upon it. PVS...View

Is it crime to just ask without seeking any thing out of that Criminal 13 May 2020

Is it sexual harassment to ask a woman for sex directly but not force her to do it when she refuses on Instagram chats WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANY FAVOR FOR...

Dear client if both are mutually agreed the same, then no worries arose, if not then it is an offence under indian penal code. PVS SAI KUMAR, ADVOCATE,...View

I need suggestions for my future Family 13 May 2020

I am Madhavi, I married since 2014 February present I have 2 children I am suffering from my my mother in law's family since last 6 years I need support...

Dear client 1. First place this issue before your family, if not short out call for elders meeting and resolve all issues 2 . if not then go for remedies...View

How the property of grand father be divided. how much grandchildren pl Property 13 May 2020

We belong to Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh state. My grandfather earned some property and he was expired recently. He have 4 children, 2 sons and...

Dear client 1. if the children of your grand father alive, then each one get 1/4th share and their children get equal share among 1/4 share PVS...View

Need justice for divorce Family 13 May 2020

I am from Kerala .calicut. Mariage held from mosque near my home. Mariage certificate not yet received because husband not produced first wife death certificate....

convence your husband that you love him very much & ready to live entire life with him.View

regular bail in 498a case Criminal 13 May 2020

During 498a regular bail,are every accused present in court.In my case my brother and sis in law not in india.


Need to know divorce details Family 13 May 2020

My mariage held on 31 jan 2020. Mariage certificate not get. We gone to 10th feb to do the online intimidation.. but the officer asked him his wife death...

for 2nd marriage the person should be divorce frm the 1st wife. In case wife is died than he should have death certificate otherwise marriage certificate...View

School admission fee refund due to Covid 19 crisis, parent unemployed Consumer Protection 13 May 2020

My 3 year old child's school admission made just before covid19 crisis, Paying fee Rs.1,12,000.Now school depending us to pay remaining tuition fee of...

Contact us. We will help you. We are dealing with many such cases nowadays. Legal Notice through Advocate needs to be sent. Click Lawyer Detail button...View

Lawyer notice doubts Family 13 May 2020

When my husband asked me about my affair through phone on March 12th.. I replied him that I had relationship with my friend 15 years before. But now I...

dont worry.. Nothing will happen. Just deny all allegations bcoz regarding your affair you told him & he was not having idea about your affair. So dont...View

Need Expert advise on the given Case Family 13 May 2020

Sir, I need your expert advise on following below queries for given Case study: 1. I want to know how can we proceed in this case and on what strong ground?...

I have read your whole story. So go for mutual divorce. Nothing will happen to your brother bcoz of that bill..View

Permissive capture of property Property 13 May 2020

Sir, My grandmother about 20 years ago when her son died gave permissive capture( Anumati dakhal) to 2 persons of her 7.5 gonda land near Amtali bypass...

sir when it is given by the mother then they have the right on the same . sir the case has to be discussed in person , better contact lawyer at the DJ...View

Delayed Joining/ No Clarification On Joining Date Information Technology 13 May 2020

I would like to know that if there an employer is delaying the joining and not clearing the date when the company can be joined. Is the offer letter...

sir go to the labor commissioner in person . View

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