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Advise for tenant rights Property 15 May 2020

HI, want to know about tenants law as i havent got my lease since am ving this place and am paying rent in cash, also, landlord wants me to give all of...

sir if it is uncomfortable for you then shift from there , as many ask the same to avoid any type of illegal activity that is all . you can give photo...View

Education loan legal notice Banking 15 May 2020

I had taken education loan from government bank for 3,00,000 . I was paying in the beginning but then I lost my job .loan was for 5 years . It’s been...

1. After lockdown you will recieve the notice. 2. you have to reply the notice through lawyer. 3. you will get only 15days to pay the amount. 4. no.....View

Getting land on name Family 15 May 2020

My father purchased a land from my uncle in 1991 on my brothers name, my father lived in Rajasthan and his brother, my uncle lives in Kolkata, he sold...

sir then too take their NOC notary or registered and then with all the person death certificate go to the DJ court for the declaration for the property...View

Check Legality in sharing yuotube video to my blog ANY 15 May 2020

Is sharing a youtube link in my blog legal. Ex. Sharing link of a movie trailer in my movie review blog..

with out permission, it is copy right infringement .View

Want a mobile no Mrs Jitamala Borah, Advocate North lakhimpur ANY 15 May 2020

Madam, myself Anjan Baruah from Nagaon. I have not want advice regarding any thing. I WANT a no. Of lawyer Mrs jitamala Borah, joined in 2008 at lakhimpur...

sir then better contact the admin, or go to the court in person and from the bar you can get the same in person . View

Succession Certificate Property 15 May 2020

Can you help me with the procedures to obtain a legal heir or succession certificate in Kolkata?

you can search pathlegal lawyer directory.View

family property dispute Family 15 May 2020

family property dispute. experienced vakeel required urgently. 9816535510, 98821792273


सरकारी स्कूल पर कब्जा कर ल Civil 15 May 2020

हेलो एडवोकेट्स हमारे गांव में सरकारी स्कूल पर कब्जा कर रखा...


Advice for this case on sex video chat ANY 15 May 2020

If some girl capture the video of sex video chat and now she demanding money for video to be deleted otherwise threatening the boy that she will make the...

Dear client file complaint in cyber police station against her PVS SAI KUMAR, ADVOCATE, VISAKHAPATNAM CLICK LIKE View

Landlord torture during Covid 19 ANY 15 May 2020

I am a tenant living with my fiancé with a legal agreement in Mumbai. Due to covid19 we post out jobs and couldn’t pay the rent of the flat. We are...

Dear client file complaint in police station PVS SAI KUMAR, ADVOCATE, VISAKHAPATNAM CLICK LIKE View

Two person beaten by crowd Criminal 15 May 2020

My brother has been falsely accused by some Dabang type persons. Two persons were besten by crown for demolishing a boundary wall. The two lodged an FIR...

Dear client obtain stay order for restrict them them to not to interfere your property or not stop construction of wall PVS SAI KUMAR, ADVOCATE,...View

Retirement age of Jawans will be increased by a new policy. ANY 15 May 2020

Respected Sir/Madam, I am an Airman working in IAF since 15 years as a combatant. Post completion of training I have signed a bond of 20 years as an initial...

Dear client you have entered in agreement, that agreement cant be changed without your consent. PVS SAI KUMAR, ADVOCATE, VISAKHAPATNAM CLICK LIKE...View

Consequences of sc st act Criminal 15 May 2020

Two person talking over the phone and one abused a sc st person who is in another city at that time and not part of call so if that person gets the recording...

Dear client no abuse in front of local people is an offense PVS SAI KUMAR, ADVOCATE, VISAKHAPATNAM CLICK LIKE View

legal advice for ancestral property transfer owned by my fathers decea Property 15 May 2020

I require legal advice for ancestral property owned by my father's deceased Aunty. She was staying with us & does not have any child. She & my father used...


Marriage during this lockdown ANY 15 May 2020

Sir, Is the court marriage possible right now during lockdown period? Is there arya society marriage facility available?Brief it if possible.

No everything is closed. View

Reg dakhil kharij after division between two brothers. Property 15 May 2020

Resident of bihar sharif Residing at ranchi. Husband is no more. After division dakhil kharij is pending at block office since may 1919. Got the reciept...

you need to contact a local advocate or you can contact me for that it is a simple problem will be done just go to the commissioner office people will...View

Matrimonial family issues/ Divorce advise required Family 15 May 2020

Hello, I got married two years ago. My wife was only about 40days in first 5 months period (in between 5months she was going to her parents house and...

Dear client , You have many problems. So do email or chat or phone to me for detail discuss. Some answers see following Do contest to petition of his...View

Enforce court order of visitation Family 15 May 2020

If my daughter 14 years refuse to meet me when I have court order of visitation what I do at this situation. How I meet INDIA At what age...

if daughter refused to meet you than you cant do anything.View

Regarding applying for new chamber and in empty place from new side ANY 15 May 2020

Dear sir With due respect I want to ask that if I have completed my law and got licensed from bar now for my career I have to apply...

Dear Sir, If any another advocate is working then you can apply and get permissions.View

Enforce visitation order ANY 15 May 2020

MY daugter 14 years old refuse to talk with me in lockdown . I have visitation court order. After lockdown can my daughter meet me if she is not interested...

file section 97 petition in court for legal custody.View

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