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Mobile phone call recording Criminal 1 May 2020

Can police arrest someone only on the basis of call recording????

please mention details of your matter..View

copyright/patent/trademark advice Intellectual Property 1 May 2020

I have a facebook group , I created when I was student of that academy. after 8 years I got this message from staff of that academy " You have created...

sir delete the group right now , what is the need to keep the same . and if the police come to you then submit apology for the same . View

I want to start a small MotorBike manufacturing company Motor Vehicle 1 May 2020

I want to start small motor bike manufacturing company, by importing all the major part and assemble it in india. So what is the investment, pre and post...

sorry sir it is never small, it is big venture . talk to your CA in person . as you need valid license for the same. View

Regarding Absconding issue Labor 1 May 2020

I worked in cognizant process executive role after I absconded from the job now they are asked me pay the money instead they will file a against me I need...

Ur wish bezz what agrement u knept we dnt now.. When u left company how much money shld give.. Them.. And if ur ok. Withegal.. Then we can also.. View

Marital dispute and how i leave the old aged parents. Family 1 May 2020

Respected sir I am a lone son of my old aged parents both are post operated & mother is bedridden. I got married in 2010 and my wife is (Govt.teacher)...

sir transfer all your asset in mother name and add mother in all your bank account be safe , then go for the divorce on the ground of cruelty , submit...View

Can complaint be lodged after delay of 3 years Criminal 1 May 2020

Can a Police complaint be lodged after 3 years if the matter was sorted out in between the two people but now after 3 years one wants to file complaint....

Please give details of what is the matter of complaint as every act of crime has different limitation period to file complaint. View

About absconding issue Labor 1 May 2020

I am abscond from mnc company. till now I got warning letter. Due to lockdown I didn't contact with reporting manager. Now the company asking me to pay...

It depends on aspects like which company, what is your position in company, Hr policy of company etc. Kindly contact me personally for advise View

I want to ask about retirement criteria Human Rights 1 May 2020

What kind of punishment will be given for a person who is not following the retirement criteria?

INCOMPLETE INFORMATION for specific advise. . Generally Your retirement benefits could be cancelled or deducted. View

Gifted land property Property 1 May 2020

Sir my mother and she have four sisters two sisters are died. And only two sisters now . All the sisters gifted her father property to my mother. My mother...

that depends upon your mother wish & after your mother that will be all yours.View

Defamation need suggestions Banking 1 May 2020

Hello sir I am discharged in a case of IPC 420 can I go for defamation

yes you can file damages compensation suit in court.View

Company is not provide me salary because of lockdown Labor 1 May 2020

My company is not paying my salary since 23rd march anf they are forcing me to come to thry office and they are claiming that the office is open . As per...

1. Please send the detail of your company. 2. On what Post you are working 3. Copy of your appointment order View

सम्पति से बे दखल के लिये Property 1 May 2020

मेरा नाम चंपा रानी है, मेरे पति का देहांत हो चूका है, और मैं...

madam jab tak samptti apke naam pr hai tab tak unka koi hak nahi hai . ap apki sampatti jise chahe use de sakti hai . chahe registered will ya gift ke...View

Issues with builder and JDA of Land-Owner Share customer Property 1 May 2020

I have purchased a landowner share flat in Bangalore where builder had JDA with landowner. As per JDA lets say 50 flats assigned to landowner so on these...

Dear Sir, If you have taken possession of the apartment nothing will happen. Show all your documents and get accurate advise. Please CLICK LIKE ,...View

Building height problem: electricity meter not installed Property 1 May 2020

I have recently purchased a flat in Delhi on 1st floor ( physically 2nd floor). My request for installation of individual electricity meter was rejected...

Kindly approach the Delhi electricity board for possible solution. View

Car seized due to deink and drive Criminal 1 May 2020

Hello sir My car is seized by police because of drink n drive can you help me get my car back.

Go to court consultant to advocate View

Tractor accident case , hege solve madodu sir nam mele barde irothara Accident 1 May 2020

Sir nan hesaru rangappa nav tractor tagondindvi new adake TP number enu kottila rigister agilla . Adu evaga accident agide driver death agide, evaga problm...

please mention your question in english or hindi.View

my husband file case against me which is 406, 420, 384, 323,341.. Family 1 May 2020

my husband file case against me which is 406, 420, 384, 323,341..he also recoded me activity ..some time abuse him and he recorded my sound ....I my not...

Voice recording is not a substantial proof. For rest details are required to be examined. If required consult with details. View

Legal nature of cyber crimes Information Technology 1 May 2020

I wanted to ask whether cyber crimes need mens rea or intention like other crimes or are they strict liability?

Mens rea depends upon circumstance of the case. By act of accused and nature of crime mens rea can be derived and be established. View

Ancestral property issue Property 1 May 2020

Ancestral property was completely owned by my grandma's brother now without any other members consent.but now he has passed away and our ancestral land...

1) File a civil miscellaneous application under section 34 of the Specific Relief Act,1963 seeking legal declaration of your right to your share of inheritance...View

sec 138, civil with criminal case of 420 Civil 1 May 2020

In my contract it was mentioned that any party in default will pay 24%pa. interest after contract amt dues to any party. Party in default gave me cheque...

you cannot claim 24percent after filing of case. That option was before filing of case.View

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