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Amount of maintenance under 125crpc Family 7 May 2020

Maintenance case under crp125 against me by wife 1sonand 1 daughter in bbsr family salary is 43000 thousand. Petitioners damand 45000 thousand....

the court can grant five thousand maintence to your child & ten thousand to your wife.View

Landlord force for leaving room in lockdown Property 7 May 2020

In lockdown situation ,our landlord say us for leaving room,my father (55) & mother (52), in such situations what options I have?? We not done any agreement...

Let me be clear - no one is above the law. Not a politician, not a priest, not a criminal, not a police officer. We are all accountable for our actions....View

Illegal economic activity ANY 7 May 2020

I am a group c central government employee. I open a demat a/c with zerodha. I use it for last five months when off duty. Is it a crime? Is my job under...

sir kindly contact with the police department cyber cell then do as what they ask you for the same . View

Please show me right path Property 7 May 2020

I suffer a lot from my sister and her husband. They tortured my mother a lot. They used to accuse her of false accusations and discredit her among relatives,...

file maintence case in court through mother. Transfer that property in the name of mother.View

Execution of order of consumer forum Consumer Protection 7 May 2020

Got x party order from district consumer Court. The opponent party is absconding. The ep notice sent by court came back. The court cannot issue warrant...

File execution of order of CF after searching OP and his property. Otherwise your case infrastructure after 3 years from order date.View

Extramarital affair and subsequent arrest Family 7 May 2020

My husband is under arrest on an fir, grounds are it act 66d,e,67a,ipc 354,354a,506. Fir is lodged by one who he has been in extramarital affair with....

#you cannot proceed agaisnt both as the interest of both persons are clashing now, #before taking any action, you have to take your stand whether you...View

Abusive Marriage I want divorce.. its mental torture for me Family 7 May 2020

Abusive Marriage.. my in laws behave with me my parents in harsh manner. My wife argue with me on small small things that end in fight Everytime. Its mental...

file divorce case on the ground of cruelty, desertion, extra marital affair & mental illness of wife in court through lawyer & if they threats you then...View

Registration of trust deed at my residence Property 7 May 2020

Sir want to start a school in partnership And I have registerd a office address of a trust at my residence Will my partner (of school) have any rights...

Kindly explain your query first. It is incomplete.View

Sir, my father lost job ANY 7 May 2020

Sir, my father lost job he is seceratery of gram panchayat called ''gramsevak'' about 19 years ago he discontinue his job due to some major medical problem....

1) Which year was your appointment for the job? 2) What was your post at starting? 3) Did your Father RECEIVE any Promotion? 4) What was his last date...View

Registration of StartUp Company Information Technology 7 May 2020

I am planning to open a startup IT Company and need to know the procedure to register the company

1) When & what type of IT company you want to form? Direct Service provider OR Third Party 2) What is your Qualification? 3) How many of them want join...View

Family law : Need clarification on wife rights after my death Family 7 May 2020

I have certain lic and term life insurance bought for em to support my family. I do not want my wife to get single penny after my death. I have change...

Your wife has independent right which you cannot take away so she is entitled to have equal share along with your mother in the insurance amount. Nominee...View

Moot problem Arguments from Both Parties Civil 7 May 2020

Mr. Kamlesh bought a car for his son Mr. Kabir who was 8 year .The son had provisional driving .The proposal form for the insurance of the car was filled...

1. Yes, compromise agreement is binding. 2. It depends upon facts and circumstances of the case and also nature of contract etc. Consult with detail....View

Increase in Rent Payment Property 7 May 2020

Hi, I am currently living in Pune in a rented flat with friends. We all work in IT industry From the last 2 years,our landlord is increasing rent by...

No he cant increase 15% as per the Maharashtra Rent control act they only increase 10% so dont worry you can issue a legal notice them also and mention...View

Parents refusing share of property to daughters Property 7 May 2020

I have a brother and sister. Our parents are refusing to give any share to us sisters from our ancestral properties. Father has some properties which...

you can file partition suit on your ancestral property. View

Jurisdiction of consumer forum, mysore Consumer Protection 7 May 2020

Jurisdiction of consumer court , I am a retired person, I was working in Haveri, karnataka, my PF amont was deducted and paid to RPFOffice, Hubli, karnataka....


Keeping the Terrace of residential society locked Civil 7 May 2020

Hello Sir, I am a resident of a housing society which consists 12 flats. The office bearers of society are keeping the terrace locked and only one key...

As you said the terrace is a common area which is to be accessed by all the members, if the president is denying the key and behaves arrogantly, you can...View

Annulment of marriage through mediation through husband and wife accep Family 7 May 2020

1) she filed 498a case( was in csr stage) and DV case( but not even csr filed) 2) lawyer got anticipatory bail to mediation 3)Me and wife has jointly...

Ok u can approach high court and quash the petition if it is false.. View

Adoption procedure in tamilnadu Family 7 May 2020

I’m 23 years old. My parents are alive. One of my realtive wants to make me as their son officially with the permission of me. Because the don’t have...

For all will be simliary but according to some rules... It has been.. DifferentView

Adoption procedure in tamilnadu ANY 7 May 2020

I’m 23 years old. My parents are alive. One of my realtive wants to make me as their son officially with the permission of me. Because the don’t have...

your relative and your parents can jointly execute a Deed of Adoption, register the same and you become their adopted son.View

Divorce with a few details Family 7 May 2020

We are 3 children, aged 22, 19 and 13. There is a case of domestic violence as well. My mother's wants separation but is tied down as there is constant...

your mother can file mutual divorce in court, she will get maintence lifetime till she will not do 2nd marriage.View

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