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How will I get fir copy from allavaram police station Banking 9 May 2020

Sir I got an a credeit card and get an call from one number they said that to register your credeit card please tell me otp than I said it amount of 54...

Dear client, you need to register a FIR in the police station for fraud . It may be registered in a cyber police station also. Then you will be handed...View

Ancestors Property issues Property 9 May 2020

Hello sir, My name is Uma. I'm from chennai. I need your advice regarding the property name transfer of my grandfather. Since my father has three brothers...

Dear madam, I shall require few more details from you to give you appropriate advise as your case has 2-3 solutions. Please call me between 10am- 8pm...View

Company not settling my FandF Civil 9 May 2020

I did spot resign, company policy 45 day take to F&F settlement, its 65 days which section they are falling in.

If you are not getting your funds/ salary immediately issue a legal notice through an advocate. You may contact me for more details. ThanksView

Tress pass by force Criminal 9 May 2020

How to tackle if tresspasser erect any illegal cosnstruction/temporary shed in privately owned property and start business

Dear client , file injunction application in the competent court for stay order. and if he erected any construction then file FIR for illegal possession...View

Getting property share Family 9 May 2020

This is Vijaya(48) and my parents have some houses and property at Chennai. And I have 2 sister and 1 brother. My father expired recently and I don't think...

send them notice through lawyer & file civil suit for partition in chennai court.View

Possibilty of filling post Divorce compansation suit against husband. Family 9 May 2020

I am a girl working in Dubai. Legally married in Delhi in 2016. Took consented divorce in 2019 through Dubai courts with in one day. My ex husband now...

You may contact me through pathelgal message to discuss on lawful solutions RegardsView

Finance issue, need legal advise Banking 9 May 2020

Hello Sir, I need your advise regarding a finance issue. I have lend some money to a friend as he had some urgency. Now he is not reachable and not...

send him notice through lawyer & file money recovery suit in court.View

Inter faith marriage Civil 9 May 2020

I am 25 year old female bachelor. I am dating a partner who is muslim. When my parents know about it. They called me from my workplace kolkata and did...

See.. All possiblity.. Dnt go blindly.. If he has dare and etc.. U can but for best contact us... View

Fake literature to misguide towards violence Constitution 9 May 2020

Matter: Since 2015/16, I have been doing an independent study of Quran and have myself become a Muslim in the process. During my study, I happen to...

You can move to High court to prohibit futher publication of the matterView

Property dispute between me(unmarried daughter) and my sister(married) Property 9 May 2020

I hav been looking after my parents since six years, paying loans of my father’s as he retired long back and I’m the only working child now. My sister...

After your fathers death ., you both and your mother will have legally equal share in all properties owned by your father. She can ask for her share irrespective...View

What will be the correct method of getting divorce in this Case Family 9 May 2020

My Brother has been married for last 8 Years, they have a 2 year old boy. Everything was seems fine between my brother and my Sister in law, may be because...

let her file divorce with help of photo or your brother can file divorce in court. If both husband & wid ready for divorce than file mutual divorce in...View

Parents against Inter faith Marraige Human Rights 9 May 2020

Hi, I am 25 year , female , from Bilaspur Chhattisgarh. I am dating a partner who is muslim, and when my parents got to know they called me by making a...

Sir, You are a major and legally have all rights to choose your own partner irrespective of any religion barriers. You Two can get yourself married ...View

Parents against Inter faith Marraige Human Rights 9 May 2020

Hi, I am 25 year , female , from Bilaspur Chhattisgarh. I am dating a partner who is muslim, and when my parents got to know they called me by making a...

since you belong to different community, marriage need to be registered only through Special Marriage Act, for which 30 days notice has to be given. You...View

Property alloted in lieu of land in pakistan ,claimed to be ancestral Property 9 May 2020

My father transfered agricultural land through court decree to me in 1985 which he was alloted in 1963 in lieu of his own agricultural land in pakistan.He...

This property is not ancestral. For being ancestral the property must be transferred through mutation of inheritence upto three lineage membersView

Family property matter Family 9 May 2020

When my husband is alive my mother in law abandoned our whole family with documents but after a year she again take us in documents and will also but now...

no thats wrong you are the only legal owner of the property.View

marriage agrement INDIA Family 9 May 2020

is there any form of agreement that can be made before marriage regarding no for abuse,threats,isolation from family,domestic violence and freedom to work...

write this whole things on one stamp paper that will be agreement.View

अप्पार्टमेन्ट के मैनेजमे Property 9 May 2020

मेरे फ्लैट के ऊपर वाले फ्लैट यानि की थर्ड फ्लोर जो कि खाली...

send them notice through lawyer & file complain in consumer court.View

consequence for texting overseas ANY 9 May 2020

hypothetically if a indian guy on snapchat talk with someone who is let's say a uk citizen who is less than 18 year of age.they talked for a few days only.conversation...

if you recieve any image no matter but if she recieve any such nude image & if she feel otherwise then she can lodge complain against that guy. View

Appeal for old age pension from epf Labor 8 May 2020

I am a retired person .age 69years. More than 30 yrs industrial service. Now unable to get pension due to discontinuity in service. Service break and of...

Dear Sir, Please contact a reputed Service Advocate of High Court.View

Some few reasons why my husband thinking of divorce. Family 8 May 2020

Madam, my husband has lot of suspecious character, for small things like having delay in going for shopping, getting ready little late for going out &...

Dear Madam, Be assured that Indian Family Court judges dismissed 80 percent divorce cases filed by husbands. Such nonsense will be written to see you...View

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