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बच्चों की कस्टडी माँ को दि Family 23 Apr 2020

में सुमन मेरे पति का सर्गवास 2 साल पहले हो गया मेरे 2 बच्चे है 1.प्रशांत...

custody petition file karo district court me.View

Company which is not givng my salary Consumer Protection 23 Apr 2020

Hello sir, I want to lodge complaint against company which has not giving my 2.5 month salary. Company is located at okhla delhi. And i want to discussed...

issue notice to company through lawyer demanding salary & file complain in labour court.View

Hindu succession amendment act Property 23 Apr 2020

Under which conditions a married daughter cannot claim ancestrila property

Yes she can claim it as per the ammendment came into the year 2005 in Hindu Succession Act daughter also eliginle to got equal share into property with...View

Refund of amount from owner for not providing commited services Property 23 Apr 2020

I stay in rented house at Hyderabad since 9 months which is without legal agreement. The property was found on the online site Olx & soon after i visited...

issue him notice through lawyer & file complain in consumer court & claim heavy compensation.View

Dowry harassment , domestic violence , child custody and maintaienance Criminal 23 Apr 2020

Hello everyone , My sister died because of severe burning on 9th april 2020 , her in-law and husband used to harrash her for dowry , brutal beating ,...

Yes.. Atlest she shld give the complaint befre her death but she afraided then now u people can give complaint without delay. And etc.. All... Then legal...View

Conditions about DLSA copy issue Civil 23 Apr 2020

Is DLSA copy has no weight if the person dies before the conditions of agreement???

what was the subject matter of the agreement.View

Harassment by wife and son Family 23 Apr 2020

I am vijayakumar 45 yrs, I am neglected by my wife and son, as they are supported by my wife father(father in law) in all matters.

lodge complain to police station about all matters.View

My mother planned to give total property to my younger brother Property 23 Apr 2020

Hello sir, I am.having a property problem.. The property is in mother name.. We are brothers .. I am the elder one.. My mother planned to give total...

sir it is never challenged, if it is mother name registered property then it is obsolete , mother has full right to give it to any one in the world, ...View

Property attachment for debt Criminal 23 Apr 2020

I lent 9 lacks to a person in 2017. He gave in writing and blank check. Paid interest @ 2% for few months only. He is unable to repay his income is less.He...

I think check date expired.. Then what u decidede do u have any agreement proof then we can file a case.. View

Navi mumbai lawyers help ad advise for property dispute in navi mumbai Civil 23 Apr 2020

I am a housewife and senior citizen with limited finances I am under medication and I have been living in my mothers home. I do not have another place...

you can search in pathlegal lawyers directory.View

Query not constitute information within the ambit of Section 2(f) of R ANY 23 Apr 2020

sir i filled rti as follow subject : information under rti act 2005 Q 1 if ews candidate , scored general cut off or above marks and can not produce...

Yes you can go to the first appeal because you not got information which was you demand it and they was refuse it so go to the appeal and caim that information...View

How to file a case even after divorce Civil 23 Apr 2020

I am divorced from my husband.can I file a case against him?

on which grounds you want to file case against him. Did he torture , harras, abuse or make forceful sexual intercouse without your wish.View

Property dispute between father and Daughter Property 23 Apr 2020

Hi Sir, My name is Shiva, my father has a property who got it from his parents, but now my sister want have her share in the property but my father's...

your sister has share in property.View

My Girl Friends parents are threatening to go to the police. We both a Family 23 Apr 2020

My Girl Friend's parents are threatening to go to the police. We both are above 18 , I know its not illegal to be in love and I know the laws are not against...

just take anticipatory bail if f.i.r is filed against you.View

Miss use disha act andhra pradesh.. ANY 23 Apr 2020

Hi. My self srinivas My problem is my girl friend put on me a wrong case.via disha app.I have evidence. But in my local police station no one hear it.please...

file private complain in court through lawyerView

Paying guest agreement Property 23 Apr 2020

My PG owner is asking me to pay the rent but I came to my hometown before the lockdown on march 21.He is asking me to pay the rent of April as well as...

In the present scenario of Lockdown due to Covid-19 it is troublesome situation for many like you. Your PG owner has no right to force you to pay full...View

Charged u/s 188 and 269 for violating lockdown rules. Will it affect v Criminal 23 Apr 2020

I was booked u/s 188 & 269 for going for walk during lockdown. At the police station, I signed arrest/court surrender form and was asked to pay a fine...

No no.. Ntg happened jat..after lockdown u need to pay amount... Ang get back.. View

bail in a false pocso case Criminal 23 Apr 2020

my father aged 64 years is in judicial custody for the last 7 months in a false pocso case.we had applied bail in sessions court but rejected.dec20 me...

file appeal in HIGH COURT.View

refusal to transfer ownership of flat by secretary coop hsg society ne Civil 23 Apr 2020

My mother has written two WILLS. I oppose the probate of 2nd WILL because my brothers influenzed my mother and made her to write only the names of my brothers...

U can file for the parittion suit... View


Please tell me the process how to correct my name in document.

Hire a lawyer and then make an affidavit. Please click👍👍👍like buttonView

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