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College Issues amidst Lockdown Human Rights 26 Apr 2020

The college management is forcing us, students, to pay tuition and exam fees during the period of lockdown. Even when they have been forbidden to do so...

Ok.. We can sigest the at... Or else go head with the case.. View

Loan affecting cibil Banking 26 Apr 2020

My cousin took a loan on my property, the property is on fathers name, and my father & mother are co applicants. The loan is of 2012. I never signed...

lodge f.i.r against all of themView

private company is binding up from my city Labor 26 Apr 2020

I a private employee i got a call right now from my ASM who says that company is binding up from your city so find any other job and company will not...

Immediately issue a legal notice through an advocate and send on their email.You can contact me for the same.View

data entry fraud by demolishing proof Consumer Protection 26 Apr 2020

hello sir , worked for an data entry job and submitted my work, they sent me a report my accuracy was low in which i have observed mistakes they wantedly...

You can issue a legal notice and claim the payment for it.View

We want to make partion between my mother and father Family 26 Apr 2020

Hi sir. I live in Delhi. My father is retired from army in 2019. We are three brothers and sisters & we all are studying. My father is not living with...

Dear client your monther is entitled to file maintenance case u/s 125 of crpc as a matter of right Moreover children can also claim provided that they...View

Salary during lockdown period Labor 25 Apr 2020

I am running a small factory of manufacturing wiring harness in haridwar on job work basis. My question is that is it compulsory to give salaries to employees...

No government declared that given 100 % salary to worker even though they not came on job. And you can pay in part also. If you Satisfied Then Like 👍👍...View

Relationship and Family Human Rights 25 Apr 2020

I have an issue of relationship cheat, although I am looking only for advice for now.

call me through pathlegal. I will advice you.View

Regarding my additional affidavit considered or not while doing order Family 25 Apr 2020

I've filed conjugal rights petition in family court & in that I.A-2 I asked for not to dispose me from the matrimonial house. For my I.A-2 the respondent...

your question is so confuse.. So call me through pathlegal.View

Property rights and litigation Property 25 Apr 2020

My grandfather property is partitioned by my father and his elder brother. After death of my father and mother we shared the property of my father. After...

No the partition already happen it and they was getting in cash form and there is nothing in writing as well as nor witness. If you Satisfied Then Like...View

land measure by court ANY 25 Apr 2020

I have measure my farm land by court Plse give advice in Hindi

call me through pathlegal i will advice you in hindi, marathi.View

termination during lockdown without any reson Labor 25 Apr 2020

Hi Si/Madam, My wife received an mail telling that she got terminated and her effective last working day was an old date and no reason for termination...

issue notice to company through lawyer & file complain in labour court & claim compensation.View

Shall I file police threatening voice records with protest petition Criminal 25 Apr 2020

I'm a complainant , and the caused party filed FIR quash petition their petion dismissed by HC, I'm having document evidence ,social media evidence , voice...

Yes you can file writ petition in high court to get direction from the high court against the police for threatening you and taking any action against...View

What action can be taken if ancestral property is sold without consent Civil 25 Apr 2020

Sir, As we know that usually the ancestral/joint property can not be sold to any third party without consent of other successors but if any of the...

file suit for cancellation of sale deed in & partition court.View

Section 24(2) of the land acquisition act 2013 Property 25 Apr 2020

My land was acquired in the year 97 and compensation was fixed as 97000/-. We refused to accept the compensation as it was very meager amount and we...

No not need to do the restoration of file. You can give a letter as per the market value given the consideration And you can also seek direction writ...View

Family property and business issue Family 25 Apr 2020

We have a family business ( group of insitutions) , in my family there is my step mom & 2 step brother. I am the eldest one in the family. Some one...

file suit for partition in court.View

Process for foreign divorce Family 25 Apr 2020

Hi i am an indian citizen ,my husband is aUS citizen and he has filed for divorce (dissolution of marriage )in florida yhrough email.i have never been...

madam if you too are ready for the divorce then at your place go for the ex parte divorce . in this the court give the divorce no need of the spouse ....View

Meaning of 113-kept for cav Labor 25 Apr 2020

Dear sir, SCA 6826/2005 is 113-kept for cav since 23/9/2019 we want to know it means that judgement of said matter is coming soon bor it may be taken more...

ask your lawyer in person or to the court reader in person. View

I had already bore and I want to do pressurised in it Consumer Protection 25 Apr 2020

Sir I'm from jalgaon and I want to do borewell in my farm but there is actual borewell of my neighbour near my what is minimum distance I required...

contact area tehsil and patwari in person.View

force my friend ....and he is so panic Human Rights 25 Apr 2020

Hii sir anyone one here during lockdown? To solve my problem

Call me and discussView

Exploitation by new owner Property 25 Apr 2020

I am a resident of Xxx flat near Nanakramguda circle. We bought this house in 2016 and moved last year.My husband who used to work for an Reputed IT firm...

as you are the previous owner of the flat, so request then keep quit for the month of may. As soon as flight will start u will pay flat rent & go to t...View

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