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What is my best option if a FIR has been filed against us, but I am no Criminal 6 May 2020

A FIR has been filed for Cyber-Crime under various sections of which I am not guilty of any at all; but I am a suspect since I was a part of that group....

You can file anticipatory bail under section 439 cr p. C. You can succeed View

Transport company charging extra Consumer Protection 5 May 2020

Hi, On the 13th of March, I gave my car to a transport company in Patna to get it shifted to Pune. from the last 40 days they are saying because of...

send them notice through lawyer & file complain in consumer court & claim heavy compensation.View

how much money and time is required if there is s mutual divorce case Family 5 May 2020

what is your fee for a mutual divorce My marriage has been rough from the start and now its 6 years but still there are many differences in me and...

sir, fees is depends on exprience & work skills of lawyer. call me through pathlegal for any advice.View

False promise marriage 5yr physical relationship Criminal 5 May 2020

False promise marriage we study from same college live together after he would be my husband in future always said after 5yr he completely dis agree for...

lodge complain in police & mention all detail facts & he will arrested & put in jail.View

Exploited by elder Son Family 5 May 2020

Hi, I am mentally exploited by my elder son. He is living in my home and he is working in railways after the death of my husband (on compensated ground)...

madam kik the son out with his family, why not be strong . View

appeal against decree of exetuion Civil 5 May 2020

My father had his own house property. My father was expired. Then this house was transfered to my mother's name. My brother suit partition suit (1/3) on...

sir you can go on asking but no one can reply you with out study of the document so go to the DJ court lawyer and ask in person .View

Court fee payable and procedure for filing a case against the service Business 5 May 2020

Sir, i am a service provider to one company. we had an agreement for providing service for 4140 units in span of 4 years. The service receiver had utilized...

sir the court fees is the stamp on the plaint . it is mention in lawyer diary you can check it . View

UDR correction and action against the fradulents who have been sold my Property 5 May 2020

hi, sir my name is hari, living chennai. i have a land which is registered in 1971 about 1.48 acres (had original registered paper and villagam of the...

sir show the document to the lawyer at the DJ court and the area sub registrar in person.View

uttering unparliamment language Family 5 May 2020

During the discussion between me and my friend , he utters foul,unlawful,Unparliamentary words with me and i have audio and video recordings with me.So...

sir between friend and family no law is there . other wise you would loose all friend and family at once . View

Influencing or guiding the person in wrong manner Property 5 May 2020

Respected SirMadam I just need a query that my sisters and brothers influencing my mother regarding property issue.Is there any law that relates my query...

no any solution for that bcoz thatr your personal issue.View

Regarding the travel Motor Vehicle 5 May 2020

Hello, Just before the lockdown started I had purchased a secondhand car for which the documents are submitted to the RTO for change of ownership and...

sir if the police allow then yes not other wise . View

Tree planted near property line causeing nusense and may cause damage Environmental 5 May 2020

My neighbours tree(mango tree) is growing near to my property line.tree is growing very near to property line(1feet) and neighbour not having even(10feet...

cut branches and even roots protruding in your property .that is all . clickView

Grama natham land sale Property 5 May 2020

What is the procedure to sale grama natham land? I have patta on my name

If patta is granted in your name, you have the necessary title. How does it come under Natham? View

Have problems in our society Human Rights 5 May 2020

Hello sir, im from Gujarat. I want your advise, One women live in our area, she was sex worker and they always speak loudly bad words,...

make a meeting in society & kick her out bcz we cant file any cases against her.View

She is threatening to put me in jail for not marrying her Human Rights 5 May 2020

I have a child from a casual sexual relationship, I don’t want to get married to the lady. Will I get in trouble?

yes you will be in trouble bcoz she can file breach of promise of marriage , rape, threat case against you in police station. So better file anticipatory...View

Property Matters need legal advice Property 5 May 2020

if I hve ownership rights but not in possession of the property can the other co owner claim possession of the same property.whose ownersship rights are...

Dear client, possession of property by one co owner does not divest the other co owner to get possession they have equal right of possession irrespective...View

I have received a direct threat from someone on a social media platfor Civil 5 May 2020

I had a question regarding what charges can i press on someone who has directly given a threat to my mom on the lines of sexual assualt. This threat was...

Dear client, your Mother may file FIR in the cyber crime police station for criminal intimidation under sect.503 IPC and also file case of defamation...View

Godown rent in lickdown period after served notice Business 5 May 2020

My Godown rent agreement through my cnf was in notice period for two months which ends with march. Due to lickdown we could not able to transfer...

Legally, you should pay.View

name correction regarding prefix Civil 5 May 2020

sir/mam, i am student.i lost my mother after my birth.and i never see my father from my birth(missing/dead).we dont have any contacts with fathers family.i...

Dear client, Under section 108 of Evidence Act, presumption of death exists Burden of proving that person is alive who has not been heard of for seven...View

Disputes with my sisters and Brother.They have taken dead body to home Family 5 May 2020

As I have family disputes with my sister's and Brother, After death of my father even I'm in the hospital they didn't intimate me and taken dead body to...

yes you brother can discharge the body from hospital.View

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