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Not getting my salary Labor 22 Apr 2020

Dear sir, I am Sri Sujoy Das live in sodepur, kolkata -700115. I'm working Digilife Solutions Pvt. Ltd. located Bidhannagar, BD-78, Sector 1,...

issue notice to company through lawyer & file complain in labour court & claim compensation.View

Will registered father expired can mother sell the property Property 22 Apr 2020

This is for my friend, he has 5 brothers and all 4 got their property from father. There is a 50 cent land in the name of father and mother and there is...

yes.. mother can sale without informing to you as after death of father, mother is the legal owner of the property & after mother all son & daughter r...View

salary not paid for the month of march Labor 22 Apr 2020

My company ( A hospital) in mohali has not paid me March salary till yet what help can i get so that i may get my salary. i worked for 20 days in march...

issue them notice through lawyer & file complain in labour court & claim compensation.View

Land mortgage money and invest in business Property 21 Apr 2020

I have a 30 acres land. In India I need. To mortgage it and get money for my business so what will be the mortgage process and what amount I will get

first of all approach any nationalise bank in india & show them your property papers to the bank & demand loan as per your wish.View

Mbbs bond in maharadhtra ANY 21 Apr 2020

Halo sir, I took mbbs admission through 15%all India quota in maharastra state. At that time the rule was no bond of rural service to the state candidate...

No. The bond is valid and is applicable.View


I want to ask that if a person is arrested on a case and the person ie the convict makes a statement infront of judge that he remembered a thing, will...

Please give me complete information about your case only then you can be given a good advice. If you ever need legal advice, you can call or WhatsApp...View

Personal Loan - Mobile App ( Chadha Finance ) Banking 21 Apr 2020

I hd taken a Personal Loan of Rs 6000/- frm Mobile App - Wificash/Chadha Finance ( delhi based ) I hv been using this apps for instant loan since some...

if they send notice you through lawyer than reply that notice through lawyer. View

The women property rights according to hindu succession act 2005 Civil 21 Apr 2020

My grandfather died in 1993..he had brought some land for money during his times. My grandfather has two daughters and a son(my father) ..both daughters...

file civil appeal in district court.View

Criminal Case with Property rights Criminal 21 Apr 2020

My Grand father bought a property, which was disputed b/w brothers in court at that time on 2010, which I was recently came to know (about dispute that...

sec 420,468,471,34 OF INDIA PENAL CODE.View

Schedule caste status Family 21 Apr 2020

Is there a way to find out if the family I have married into is "Scheduled Caste" or not? Surname: Dhiman, Gotra: Jabbal, Roots: Una, Himachal Prade...

You can visit following link. If you Satisfied Like 👍...View

Public Trust land in possession of tenants heir Civil 21 Apr 2020

Lower court dismissed my p&m injunction suit,on appeal dust court granted T.I, N.A filed WRIT in NGP HIGH COURT,H.C. ordered STATUS QUO,N.A interpreted...

pls attach the copy of order in which this words are mention. After reading whole order we can interpreate you the meaning as on date & as of date. adv....View

Public Trust land in possession of tenants heir Civil 21 Apr 2020

Lower court dismissed my p&m injunction suit,on appeal dust court granted T.I, N.A filed WRIT in NGP HIGH COURT,H.C. ordered STATUS QUO,N.A interpreted...

Dear sir/madam For any advise appropriate information and documents needs to be provided. Please avoid repeated questions. You can contact me personally...View

Chaal room registration e Property 21 Apr 2020

Majya sasrya chi room aahe chawl madhe ji aata tyancha bhau aata tyana magto tar mi hi room majya husband chya navavar register karu shakte ka ?Ani kiti...

pehle room sasucha navavar hoil & sasunantar tumchya navrayacha navavar karta yeil. kharch mala sangta yenar nahi. Tumcha city registery office madhe...View

divorce 13 a ,b legal assistanc for marriage recongugation rights case Family 21 Apr 2020

my wife filled a divorce petition u/s 13 a ,b.on basis of cruelty,medically unfit to born child,ignor from 2 years.but matter is of killing of 3 embryo...

issue notice to wife through lawyer to come back & file RCR case in court. contest the divorce case that u r medical fit to born child but ur wife...View

Women property rights in their ancestors Civil 21 Apr 2020

My grandfather died in 1993. My father has two sisters both are born before 1970. Both are married. But now they are asking share of property of my grandfather....

If property was self aquired by grand father then they both sisiter cant lible to getting any shre from property and they cant claim it. If property was...View

Who Pays the Property Tax in a TRUST property Property 21 Apr 2020

We have a shop in a TRUST building in Mumbai since 1969. We have only always just paid the monthly rent to the trustees, recently a Rent Farming Company...

trust pays ,who else? trust may have given this task to some member ,he should pay . now owners have changed so the task is with new owner you may terminate...View

My bf promised me to get married and am feeling being raped by him Criminal 21 Apr 2020

My boyfriend promised me to get married with me, after that we had consexual sex for years, then he broke up with me and living with some other girl. I...

madam, file complain to police station for rape , breach promise for marriage, threat.View

No need a credit shell must get a full refund to original mode of paym Consumer Protection 21 Apr 2020

The flight was cancelled due to the travel restriction on COVID19. Airline says: "As per our records, we understand that you have claimed refund while...

Oo.k.. They need to refund if not send notice tot themView

Regard bail if nme is wrong Criminal 21 Apr 2020

Hii sir I would like to know that if i will make an appeal for bail and name is wrong (e.g Ajay kumar correct name and wrong name ajay kumar yadav)...

Yes.. U need later in future it may be defect... View

Property tax not paid by previous owner Property 21 Apr 2020

I have purchased flat in Mumbai.The person from which I have purchased the flat has Municipal Corporation tax bills outstanding of nearly 3-4 years but...

You are entitled to recover the dues from previous owner for the periid prior to the date of purchasing of property by you. You are also entitled to interest,...View

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