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O.Q -- Legal validity of other information on a documen ANY 16 Nov 2011

Respected sir, A document is registered by family members in connection to property (gift settlement). Later the document was challenged in the court...

dear sir, judgement of the case is only for the cpourpose of relief sought. kusum gupta advocate 0 View

Not received my salary after work Labor 16 Nov 2011

Hi I have already mentioned my complaint in consumer forum but in vain.I worked with FIVE RIVERS,PHASE 11 as a Quality Analyst fron 21 dec to feb8 2011.After...

Hi Send them a legal notice, and file a case in the labor commissioner and get an order for recovery of salary arrearsView

Resignation Not accepted Labor 16 Nov 2011

Hi Sir, I was working with an Indian company as Business Development Manager. recently i got a better offer from another employer. so 28days back i...

dear sir, what is terms and conditions of your appointment please read them if they are within your favour then act accordingly. kusum gupta ad...View

is finincial domantrix legal in india ANY 16 Nov 2011

i just want to ask that finincial domantrix, femdom without any sexual activity is it legal in india.can a girl conduct sessions for money in india. most...

Current position is that this is not legal in India.View

My employer hasnt given my salary and doesnt clarify why Labor 16 Nov 2011

I was appointed on the 29th of august this year as a trainer. I was asked to move to jodhpur as I was posted there by the company. The company doesnt have...

dear sir, your company seems to be a bogus company so better to lookout for another job and issue a legal notice to the company. kusum gupta advo...View

salary matter Labor 16 Nov 2011

Dear sir, I have file a complain against one company kaneria granito ltd for my two months salary and two months allowances there after one lawyer is...

dear sir, do you have the copy of notice sent by your lawyer to company if not then a fresh notice can be issued to the company. kusum gupta advo...View

Right to Information Act Information Technology 16 Nov 2011

whether the provisions of Right to Information Act will apply to Brandix apperals India (P) ltd.,

No. RTI Act is applicable only to Governments and public authorities and to such corporations which are aided by the government. R.V.DAGLI Advocate ...View

i want divorce Family 16 Nov 2011

im paying 8000/pm as int. mnt. in DVA2005, at 3rd chance after int bail,in 498a, in affdevit by printing mistake it was stated that my parents bail in...

dear brother you have to take care in furnshing the information and documents to your lawyer in time and you should monitor your case to safeguard yourself....View



Dear client, my answer is that the date shall be calculated when you received the Courier. And if you made the payment through Cheque after 2-3 days of...View

what is i give all my properties i am entitled to my son Property 16 Nov 2011

what does i bequeath all my properties mentioned in my will, shares in properties with my son and all other properties both move able and immovable properties...

dear brother what ever your father have right time and what ever he will purchase in the future by any means of purchase, gift or any other assetes must...View

what does i devise all & single properties to my son mean Property 16 Nov 2011

what does i devise all & single properties to my son that would be in my name,or in which i have a share mean ? is the English used in the above sentence...

Dear Mam/Sir, first of all know that the above Sentence is not grammatically correct. But you should have been asked that How I can devise my all or single...View

employer is not paying salary. Consumer Protection 16 Nov 2011

I am working in a Pvt. ltd company since more than 1 year. I got confirmation letter as well. means I am a confirmed employee. In current month Company...

Dear client,lodge a complaint to Local and National Trade unions and also Labour Directorate of your State.You may also file a case to the Labour Commissioner.-------------Minansu...View

execution Property 16 Nov 2011

i had filed an O.S for suit for possession and i have been awarded a decree,and in the decree the court has oredered that the defendant shall vacate the...

You should file a Misc.Case in the same Court for execution of Decree with a petition for Police help.-----------------Minansu Bhadra,advoacteView

arbitration proceedings relatng to a sold vehicle Banking 16 Nov 2011

i had received an expartee arbitral award from arbitration court against me. but two years before i sold my vehicle to another and that party was not...

It appears that the Award is in respect of a motor vehicle which you sold two years back. If you have informed the matter regarding sale of vehicle to...View

Can any person block traditional pathway Property 16 Nov 2011

We had an ancestral pathway through a property, which we were using with the owners consent, we used to use this access to take our cars n bikes to our...

Dear Client, no person can block traditional pathway and you have a very strong case as your right fits perfectly into the definition of an \"easement\"...View

whether impleading petition can be filed in arbitration OP ANY 16 Nov 2011

An Arbitration award has ben challenged by filing OP but the Arbitrator has not been made party to the proceedings as per rules now whether the in arbitration...

Yes you can implead arbitrator in the OP,by filing order 1 rule 10 petition of cpc read with section 151 cpc.It can be invoked ,impleading means adding...View

dismissed case can get maitaincefrom petitioner Maritime law 16 Nov 2011

my name is vidya my problem is petitioner not accepectin me continue marriage he wants to go high court the case dismmissed mean continuea marriage ...

Dear Client, i failed to understand your case but if you are saying that maintance has not been given to you then you will succeed your case and...View

dismissed case can get maitaincefrom petitioner Maritime law 16 Nov 2011

my name is vidya, in 2004 my hubby filied for divorce now case has been dismissed mean continue of marriage i happy but enlarge not agree and even...

Dear Vidya, if the Divorce petition dismissed against you and maintenance has not been given you then you need not worry but just simply apply under section...View

If outstanding is paid in 60 days can they still proceed act Banking 16 Nov 2011

One more thing i forgot to ask .. if i pay the outstanding amount within 60 days.. can the bank still proceed under this securitisation act?

not at allView

What if Bank doesn\'t reply to the my representation Banking 16 Nov 2011

My outstanding interest was below 25000/- loan amount is 6 lakh, EMI vise due was 91000/- and Bank issued notice under securitization act 2002. I replied...

The provisions of securatisation act are applicable in case the account is classified as N.P.A and outstanding amount is above one laks. In case of term...View

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