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Please sir help me kindly take my case Family 18 Apr 2020

Good afternoon sir I have a issues in family cases of grandfather property and I my father has 2 wife I belongs to 1wife but she was died on 1993 itself...

Is it partition suit which you filed summoms stage will take some time if you have not given proper address your lawyer has to take steps through paper...View

After resigntion can I rejoin same post same job. Labor 18 Apr 2020

I am working as a education department h.p. since very beginning h.p govt heir p.t.a teachers just like shiksha mitro in u.p. I did this...

Dear sir If the department is offering you job again, you can take it if you wish View

Can i cancel my FD without any for that bail person Banking 18 Apr 2020

i have shown the FD for bail purpose of rupee 5000/- and now am facing a problem regarding money i want to cancel my FD from bank so that i can use that...

If the FD is not deposited as security it is free you can use it .click likeView

can pending case be problem in join government job Labor 17 Apr 2020

can pending case in court make problem in join government job? pending case is 325 that is applied by neighbor due to land at age of 16

Jo... Still.. U can go to appeal.. Then u will get order to from high court.. To close soon.. View

Retrive amount from accused Criminal 17 Apr 2020

We have court verdict in our favor. Court ordered accused to give us penalty but accused is not giving the amount. What is the procedure to retrieve the...

under which act your case was pending pls mention.View

Can a married woman be a part of father property if he was died in 199 Property 17 Apr 2020

Am chakrapani some property is there which was in the name of my grand father,he was died in 1999 and now her daughter came to be part of that land.Is...

marriage has no role in this . yes daughter has full share in father property . gift during the wedding has nothing to do with this , every boy takes dowry...View

In one Complaint can two persons be the complainant Criminal 17 Apr 2020

Sir I would like to know that if the two persons are being tortured then can they file one complaint before the police station whereby they can be the...

Ya.. Can do with proofs. View

Land registry problem since 1992 Property 17 Apr 2020

My father with my two uncle purchased a land in 1992 from our neighbour and paid in cash. But they didn't registered that land that time due to good friendly...

How can we take now...less possiblityView

Labour law Harrasment of the employee Labor 17 Apr 2020

My employee is harassing me a kind of racism I need to teach those culprit a leeson how to file a complaint legally against my employer. How Indian labour...

Ok.. We can do it for best u can contact meView

How to cancel parental rights over an adult person Human Rights 17 Apr 2020

I am a 44 year old female, I am facing sever physical, mental and sexual torturing from my parents and family. As a continuation of that they arranged...

dear when you are adult then why need the parents to support you , go for the mahila ayog for the help and go for the ex parte divorce . yes law is there...View

Ami amar swamir sathe sonsar korte chai kintu amar baba ma korte diche Family 17 Apr 2020

Ami amar swami mane Subhadip Mitra r sathe sonsar korte chai kintu amar baba ma korte dichen na ami ki korbo ebar apni bole din

sir in hindi or english please . View

Post Office in civil court ANY 17 Apr 2020

My father invested some amount in post office in his name and my mother’s name as joint account and appointed me as nominee. My father had expired. Then...

sir why to go for the long process , should go for the right process , go for the legal heir certificate and divide the thing among both of you .sir for...View

Courier phishing scam International Law 17 Apr 2020

I was a victim of a courier phishing scam, there was a package with my name, phone and email address on it that was caught by airport authority of Hazrat...

sir go for the FIR and talk to the lawyer at the consumer court and the normal court . yes you need both help in person. View

Threat from wife n in laws Family 17 Apr 2020

I m 34 age, Christian boy married since 5 years to Christian girl. We don't have kids. Our marriage is not working properly as my wife was not doing any...

file divorce from your side in court.View

Problems of Muhammad law 0 17 Apr 2020

What is the difference between batil and fasid in Muslim marriage

contact the muslim law faculty in person.View

Dear. Sir. Mam please help me and contact me ANY 17 Apr 2020

My mother is dead and his death reason is over dose injection and it is give doctor I complain against him CM help line but he says you contact first police...

You may contact me alongwith detailsView

mortgage of property to the bank Property 17 Apr 2020

I have one property/house which is registered under my father's name & my father died last month. Now i want to mortgage the property to the bank so that...

how can you do ? it is not your property first get it transferred then you can . mother is also legal heir ,that apart even if you get in joint name with...View

Harassing by neighborhood Civil 17 Apr 2020

One of my neighbors is my own aunty (my father’s brother’s wife) and her son. We are sharing the backyard as the property is not yet separated by law....

file suit for partition in court.View

Legal Advice needed. Against my last employer. Labor 17 Apr 2020

Hi , Need some guidance in employer related matter. If possible to help , please let me know.

Please share your problem to get proper guidance here all lawyers can guide you for your queryView

Job opportunity as a fresher ANY 17 Apr 2020

I am currently pursuing my masters in business Law... I wish to join corporate field after graduation.... Which companies should I put first on my list...

sir, you can go for the lecturer job after the same , but if want to go for the lawyer work , then first contact lawyer at the honorable high court for...View

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