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Mobile application related issue Criminal 2 May 2020

Sir, I said only to download the teamviewer app, he downloaded, but my phone was not connected with his phone because he denied and said I will solve...

sir why repeated same question , as it is not any legal problem so, we have no solution for the same , go to some mobile technician in person. View

IN a civil case of plaintiff shall defendant file a for temporary in Civil 2 May 2020

sir I had purchased a agriculture Land in the year ,2002,registered sale deed and namantran of the land in the year 2002.A person with whom i purchased...

Wait for the order of the court and oolice was correct it because the case was pending into the court so they was not anything do in it. Otherwise you...View

Chances of getting bail Criminal 2 May 2020

Hello sir My uncle caught in UP border & Nepal border on 17 Jan 2020 because of having 2 citizenships (India& Nepal) under act: 14 419 420 467 468 471 And...

He will got bail but ypu appointed the lawyer who is good experience in criminal field. And submitted the case laws which was supported it. Thank you...View

threshing process dirt Property 2 May 2020

Threshing is done near to my house and it creates lot of dirt that enterse the house and while the threshing is done no one can get out from house

Dear client File complaint in the Municipal corporation/municipality for it . Pl. Like View

How to get my father property Property 2 May 2020

My father has left our family without divorce 5 yeas ago and my mother was taking care of us i need money for education so i can get his property or...

You can Lodge the complaint to the police station for father missing so thy will search him and return to home. As per law within 7 years nothing was...View

Issue with a neighbour Civil 2 May 2020

Sir I live in lower khalini with my mom dad and two sisters. My parents are senior citizens. One person whose plot is next to our house continuously putting...

Dear sir , You have two option you can go criminally as well as civil proceedings. 1 the first one is file injunction suit to restrain him for now and...View


If i live at about 35 km from my work place in same district can my HRA be denied by the employer. Work place lies in 16% hra and my residence areae 8...

It depends o. R and o rules and what are the conditions of job agreement. View


Can you suggest any easily understandable land law books? Kindly suggest tamil books. five 88three51eight4two31seven&q=land+law+book+name&tbm=isch&chips=q:land+law+book+name,online_chips:telugu&usg=AI4_-kTMkCCOV_qKynfdCwX8bzHfosTuWg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj8v9vaj5PpAhWSXCsKHfJYAwQQgIoDKAF6BAgFEAc&biw=360&bih=664#imgrc=iJxGIsq5Um9XaM%3A Visit...View

EPF membership for person who was earlier member but had withdrawn EPF Labor 2 May 2020

A person Aged about 30 yrs. being proposed for employment on basic wage of Rs. 16000/- pm, he is having UAN alloted by EPF for his previous employment/er....

No if he already member of epf because even though he withdrawing the all amount from it but till their name was ragistered it so that was continued it...View

False FIR on breach of promise Criminal 2 May 2020

Sir my boyfriend is a government employee and a girl visited his office for some work then they started talking and indulged in affair. In the meanwhile...

obtain anticipatory bail from district court & file F.I.R QUASH PETITION in HIGH COURT.View

Sueing my school for wrongful termination Labor 2 May 2020

I am a private school teacher (54yrs age ) my principal assigned me to do COVID-19 SURVEILLANCE . Because of my age and my health problems (diabetes...

U can raise complaintView

Can a fir be lodged against a statement attached to a chragesheet Criminal 2 May 2020

Can an statement attached in the chargesheet of a case submitted in a lower court three years before lead to a fresh fir when a summoms case has been registered...

no.. This f.i.r , statement of witness are attach with the chargesheet will be fresh one. Both story of the F.I.R & STATEMENTS OF WITNESS will be diff...View

Enjoyment certificate of House Property 2 May 2020

I have a house that build on my grandfather's cousins property almost 12 years back. Now grandfather and his cousins are dead, his son is troubling and...

Is there any document to show your title over the land? No such "Enjoyment Certificate" which can be issued by any revenue department. Nevertheless, no...View

Property Distribution Civil 2 May 2020

After my father's death what % age of share will my mother have

children and mother all have equal .click likeView

Need Telephonic Consultation Over a Disputed Mortage Property Property 2 May 2020

Have bought a bank mortgage property in Lucknow Have some issues in that so want to consult you please I am currently based in Dubai My WhatsApp number...

Seems your no is not on whatsapp. You may message me through pathelgal and accordingly we can discuss on the proposed legal advise. Regards View

Mutual property partition. Family 2 May 2020

Can we mutate ancestral property with mutual consent of all the family members?? Brief: My great grand father died intestate 40 years back. The house...

1) Prepare a family mutual consent agreement on Rs.100/- stamp paper with signature of two witnesses and the deed be duly notarised and then registered...View

Share of father to Divorced First wifes children Property 2 May 2020

My mother has expired and father divorced my mother before her death. We are 3 children. My father married another lady second marriage and they have their...

If alrdy she has taken the settlement and hone no choices for her again.. View

Salary issue with employer after maternity leave Labor 2 May 2020

Due to lockdown I was not able to rejoin my duty after my maternity leave which falls on 30-03-2020. Now my employer stopped my salary for month of April...

Many people are calling us regarding such matters nowadays and we are helping them. Contact secretary to connect for detailed discussion. View

a transfer of entitlement Property 2 May 2020

How to change the name of village areas land from ancestor to own name.

apply to village patwari .click likeView

Can I marry my mothers cousin sister daughter ANY 2 May 2020

Hi sir can marry my second cousin I am a malayali she is my mothers cousin sister son

Yes if family was agree for it and you both are agree for marriage then do it. Thank you and Like it.View

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