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my husband file case against me which is 406, 420, 384, 323,341.. Family 1 May 2020

my husband file case against me which is 406, 420, 384, 323,341..he also recoded me activity ..some time abuse him and he recorded my sound ....I my not...

Voice recording is not a substantial proof. For rest details are required to be examined. If required consult with details. View

Legal nature of cyber crimes Information Technology 1 May 2020

I wanted to ask whether cyber crimes need mens rea or intention like other crimes or are they strict liability?

Mens rea depends upon circumstance of the case. By act of accused and nature of crime mens rea can be derived and be established. View

Ancestral property issue Property 1 May 2020

Ancestral property was completely owned by my grandma's brother now without any other members consent.but now he has passed away and our ancestral land...

1) File a civil miscellaneous application under section 34 of the Specific Relief Act,1963 seeking legal declaration of your right to your share of inheritance...View

sec 138, civil with criminal case of 420 Civil 1 May 2020

In my contract it was mentioned that any party in default will pay 24%pa. interest after contract amt dues to any party. Party in default gave me cheque...

you cannot claim 24percent after filing of case. That option was before filing of case.View

Property tax in Delhi is pay able by tenant or land lord under the 200 Property 1 May 2020

House tax under 2004 act is payable by tenant or landlord of old tenency

Landlord duty to pay the property tax not a tenant because landlord is the owner of that property. Tenant is not an owner of property. If you Satisfied...View

Legal right of a son Property 1 May 2020

My father was illiterate and a farmer.My father's elder brother was literate and lodged his name in school records as my father.But he is not my biological...

send him notice through lawyer by demanding your share & file suit for partition in courtView

Bail needed 161days in custody Criminal 1 May 2020

Bail urgent? Accused in custody for 161 days under section 6 of the posco act chargsheet submitted grounds for bail

1. The accused is ready to abide all condition imposed by court. View

Right of watching porn and using toys Family 1 May 2020

Can i watch porn in my matrimonial home in my bedroom..what if my husband comes to know that i use sex toys ... Can i enjoy with you sex toys if i like...

madam, there is no any offence on part of you so he cant do anything of you. No any complain can be filed. thats your part of privacy. View

Validating Divorce papers signature by an notary Family 1 May 2020

Hello Sir, I am the fiancee of a Slovakian divorcee(awaiting divorce). To file her divorce papers in czech republic where she was formerly married we...

divorce on notarised is not valid & can be challenge in future in court.View

Stock market trading company Fraud. Consumer Protection 1 May 2020

I got a call from an agent of stock trading company based in Indore and he convinced me to subscribe to their services. I paid them 95000/- for their services...

Did you sign any document. Kindly show me those or company details need to be checked Accordingly a legal notice for refund will be issued. If require,...View

Propert and land dispute Property 30 Apr 2020

I was staying at my home of which ' banakhat' was made by my grandfather in 1987. But proper dastavej was not made nor was it made non agricultural. But...

file civil suit of declaration of ownership & possessor of land in court. View

what is the distance between two borewells in agricultural land. Environmental 30 Apr 2020

what is the distance between two borewells in agricultural land , my neighbor dug borewell near to our already existing one , how many meters is minimum...

The distance between two borewells is minimum 250 meters. The guideline is given under Andhra Pradesh Water, Land and Trees Act, 2002 , if your neighbor...View


I am a home loan officer I need to know the types of documents to be submitted for lawyer opinion, handle error at documents?

all documents related to property like complete property ownership chain, mutation, MAP, licence/permission, House Tax or any other applicable tax, etc do...View

Difference between probate /will/succession certificate/gift deed Property 30 Apr 2020

Difference between probate /will/succession certificate/gift deed Mere ghar ka will meye mera dady ka naam first/ mera mummy ka naam second/ and mera...

sir ask daddy to transfer the property in your name . by registered gift , it is easy and fast . or register it in your name right now . View

Marriage between Hindu boy and girl in Christian Criminal 30 Apr 2020

A Hindu boy can marriage a christian girl and a theft in three year back if they are right to fir today's and also last question a theft in three month...

sir when the things are back in hand, then the case is solved then FIR has no role in this . View

complaint to Magistrate Criminal 30 Apr 2020

whether a normal person can reach to magistrate for his complaints, if yes than please suggest step how to make complaint.

You can file your complain in person also... View

contract agreement with cheque bounce and Criminal Civil 30 Apr 2020

one of the party to whom I have contracted has terminated me from contract irrespective of giving notice and reason, even the cheque which he gave to me...

Yes, this 24 percent interest can be claimed along with cheque. Serve notice u/s 138 N.I.Act now. After 15 days, you may proceed to file complaint u/s...View

Cases is in For order. Criminal 30 Apr 2020

Hello In mid of January my uncle got arrested in UP border & Nepal border for having 2 citizenships (Nepal & India) under act: 14 419 420 467 568...

Means court will decide whether Bail should be granted or not.View

Urgent Advice Soought Family 30 Apr 2020

My Mother ,a retired govt employee and pensioner & sister who used to stay at their flat at kolkata has now come to Guwahati . They have taken a rented...

The only solution of this problem is to keep them separate. Do it what ever it takes.View

Do I need to pay rental for my shop during lockdown Property 30 Apr 2020

I have a rental salon. The rental agreement has the following clause: EARTHQUAKE, FIRE ETC. ----------------------------------- If during the term...

sir this is medical emergency and it is not counted in act of GOD . as it is in full world not any specific area so have to pay the rent . may be in installment...View

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