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I would enquiry about divorce details. Family 30 Apr 2020

Good morning madam, This Riyaz from Brunei. I would enquiry about divorce details. My native in Thirunageswaram (kumbakonam). Now I'm working in Brunei...

riyaz bhai.. Contact me through pathlegal & sure i will guide you for each & every steps for divorce.View

Procedure for divorce Family 30 Apr 2020

Greetings, I have so many doubts regarding mutual divorce from husband, child custody and property rights. Kindly get back. Thank you.

contact me through pathlegal sure i will clear your each & every doubts.View

Salary for employees Labor 30 Apr 2020

Dear sir / madam, I work for a cosmetic brand and the head office is in Kerala. They import products from US and we sell it pan India. Me and my...

if the company fail to pay the salary than issue notice to company through lawyer & file complain in labour court.View

Girlfriend family forcing her to marry Maritime law 30 Apr 2020

Sir my Girlfriend father forcing her to get marriage with another person her father abusing her and giving mentally torturing, she don't want to marry...

tell her to lodge f.i.r against her father in police station.View

Employment agreement 5 years of restriction Labor 30 Apr 2020

Company I worked for had made me sign a contract a year after my employment. I had no choice but to sign it or else they would have fired me. The contract...

you are bound to honour the agreement . Made to sign has no proof . you voluntarily sign ,what force was used to make you sign . > was it threat of life...View

torrent links sharing through an app International Law 30 Apr 2020

sir, i am akshay from kerala, i build a app which include torrent links of latest dvd released movies.torrent links are from other internet sites.i want...

helo sir its illegal details dicussion plese call meView

advice for my private bank job which left in lockdown Labor 30 Apr 2020

I want an advice for my private bank job which left in lockdown, please advise me on 8563044951

Legal Notice is to be sent to the employer. View

Khata registration query Property 30 Apr 2020

I purchased flat in Bangalore register done and got my name in ec now I need to apply for khata but there is an issue with builder and financer, financer...

So wait for 100% work completion then you can ragistered khata. If you Satisfied Like 👍👍It.View

Car loan disbursed after deducting 1st emi and documentation charges Banking 30 Apr 2020

Bank deducted 1st EMI and documentation charges from the total car loan amount before disbursal and they are charging interest for that amount too, moreover,...

So you can issue a legal notice them and without permission how could do it So again do the earlierwise. If they not done it anything then you can complaint...View

Is blasphemy not legal Information Technology 30 Apr 2020

Would it be legal to post a blasphemous comment regarding denouncing religion(s) on social media, and what's the process to complain if someone does so?....

Dear brother/sister the indian citizens are having full liberty to follow any religion as per the constitution so no one can be arrested in this regard A.P.Loganathan,...View

Taking care of Disabled and Mentally ill sibling for lifetime Family 30 Apr 2020

My mother has expired and father divorced my mother before her death. We are 3 children. My father married another lady second marriage and they have their...

1.Yes you all 3 was entitled and right to getting 50% share of total property as per Hindu succession act (legal heirs). 2.Yes if anyone is minor then...View

RTC showing our property land as BDA Property 30 Apr 2020

Dear Sir, our property showing as BDA . around 4 to 5 acre of land showing BDA name. is BDA will acquire this ? if they going to acquire, they will...

You can give the RTI application so you got the all Information regarding it. If you Satisfied Like 👍👍It.View

A deed agreement or a legal heir certificate, which is powerful” Property 30 Apr 2020

My father before his death has signed settlement deed in our names (mother, daughter and son). The plot came from ancestors side and my father built the...

A partition deed is necessary no agreement or settlement wiĺ come best all have to sign the settlement deed signed and presented and stored by judge it...View

AOR in Supreme Court. Civil 30 Apr 2020

I want to know, If I want to go for an appeal against NCDRC judgement in Supreme Court and I want to be petitioner in person and argue my case in Supreme...

You have to file special leave petition in supreme court not appeal in supreme advocate can help u though u can argue your case as party in person...View

Greedy daughter in law Family 30 Apr 2020

Daughter in law fight for money with mother and sister in law

lodge f.i.r against her in police stationView

The monthly chitti in my village ANY 30 Apr 2020

Sir last year some loss in my business. In my village I put chitti it means one group is their in that group 20 members are their we pay 4 months once...

Thats illegal demand. Lodge f.i.r against all of them in police station.View

Call recording based question Criminal 30 Apr 2020

Dear sir/madam Can someone file fir based on call recording???

That depend upon a certain facts of the matter.View

Want to get relief from threatening of suicide ANY 30 Apr 2020

Sir, my ex-boyfriend and his family is threatening me and my family that if I will not do patch up with him he will attempt suicide. Now what shoul I ...

See, most of time a person who commit suicide does not pomp of it. Therefore, it might be only a gimmick. Breaking with boyfriend or girl friend is not...View

Non consumated marriage Family 30 Apr 2020

Hi, I got married on Dec 1 2019.we are living separately from Jan 22 2020.our issue is he was not able to consumate the marriage.when my parents asked...

You can issue a legal notice to came and take back you to home and wait for reply otherwise you can file Restitution of Conjugal Rights under section 9...View

Rules and Regulations in India on Back Ground verification Information Technology 30 Apr 2020

can any company in India run a background check on their Employees? Some of the websites say Company has to be ISO 270001 certified which I am not getting...

No its depending upon your documents and certificates which you was shown it at the time of interview or joining. If you Satisfied Like 👍👍it.View

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