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Legal questions & answers for businessLegal questions & answers for business

Saved Legal Questions
Cheque bounce case for amount of 50 lakhs Business 3 hour(s) ago

Dear sir, I have funded a person for a project. I took personal loans and loan against property for raising funds. After few months requested him to pay...

Sir, Immediately issue a legal notice within 30 days of the bounce of cheque to the opponent part. Many percentage of amount are recoverable only by...View

whole procedure of credit cooperative society registration Business 27 May 2020

how to register credit cooperative society in greater noida, Gautam buddha nagar, Uttar Pradesh. what are the documents required for it.

OC . CC purchase deed . View

To open a small beauty parlour/salon at my own residential apartment Business 26 May 2020

Is it illegal to open a salon from my residencial flat? I live in a 3 bhk apartment and I want to open a salon in one of my front room. What kind of legal...

I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order to provide an effective remedy. Better...View

I need a Agreement distributor Business 25 May 2020

I won't to a gas agency Agreement and I need mini distributor agency

sir go to the agency in person and the ask the process of the license and get the one in person. View

Contract or a deed for assurance between parties Business 25 May 2020

“A” has got License for the petrol pump dealership in his name. Due to insufficient funds “A” asked His friend B, to invest more 50 plus lacs amount...

Not need to do any partnership because dut to your proposal they was cancelled your license. So you can made a documents between both of you share the...View

Applicability of Maharashtra Rent Control act Business 25 May 2020

Does Maharashtra rent control act apply to Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation i.e M.I.D.C. leased land for doing business.

I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order to provide an effective remedy. Better...View partnership legal agreement Business 25 May 2020

we are a startup in Karnataka, named which is an online business consultancy and we are taking new partners into our business and our problem...

Yes , you need a legal agreement.View

Regarding money matters Business 25 May 2020

Hello I started doing network marketing business from last one year. Seeing me, one of my colleague also shows interest and wanted to do with me and...

I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order to provide an effective remedy. Better...View

starting online makeup line. wondering about paperwork Business 24 May 2020

I want to start online startup makeup business in India. i will be only making the products and shipping them myself via FBA Amazon. Is there any legal...

Yes. You can register it and you can also form it as a company which will beneficial to your near future. View

Company registration process for accepting international payments Business 24 May 2020

Hi, I'm a freelancer. I sell software services and do software consulting. I'm trying to use Stripe (a Payment gateway) in one of my website. My website...

Yes, all of them required Better Advice can be given to you only after having a detailed discussion with you, Contact me through path legal for detailed...View

Pls share scrap business acts Business 24 May 2020

Dear lawyers, I started my scrap business (Bhangar business) Gujart. Here, police people asking hafta system (money) & may do some trouble for me. Since,...

I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order to provide an effective remedy. Better...View

I had transferred money to my friend via NEFt but he doesnt returned i Business 23 May 2020

Good day sir , I lives in Kerela and one of my friend from Punjab told me about a aggregator business model and asked me to get started with paying 1.6...

first try to take your money back by speaking sweet words or by force also. As a last option send him demanding money notice through lawyer. If he refuse...View

Administrative Law Question. Business 23 May 2020

What are the remedies of administrative action? Describe briefly with reference.

contact your faculty they will tell in detail in person. View

Required information of RP Business 23 May 2020

Hello Sir, can you provide me the RP buying company details and let me know the process and formalities.

Dear Sir, You must first expand what is RP Rice Puller or Something else.View

Tourism related doubts and Kindly advise the procedures Business 22 May 2020

Myself Shafeeqali aged 26yr old. I just reached tourist industry for last 3years. Now am looking a tourism related business in my locality. Mainly focusing...

sir contact the tourism department in person.View

Promote tourism in each destination Business 22 May 2020

How to start and what are the proceesures to start water sports or adventure tourism in our location

You can visit following link you will get all about detailed information. If...View

how to get procces patetn Business 21 May 2020

hello sir i'm jitendra dabhi from surat my requirment is patet related law ,i have my own product and i intersting in how do i ?

You can ragistered it through the filling the form of patent at patent tribunal and wait for its verified 1years. After that you got the patent of it. Thank...View

online teaching business Business 21 May 2020

I am thinking of starting online tutoring business all over India. It is strictly online and there is no physical meeting center for this. Is there any...

Needs Detailed Discussion as complete information is not available. To Write the Whole Answer is not Possible for Me. You may fix an appointment with...View

Pharmacist licence on hire is legal or not Business 21 May 2020

I want to open a pharmacy. For which I need a pharmacist. Is it legal to rent a pharmacist licence. If yes how can I get it

You have a degree in pharmacy so you ot the license and open the pharmacy shop. Dont taken pharmacy license on rent its totally illegal it (but if good...View

Shop rent during lockdown period Business 21 May 2020

Hi ,I have a shop of readymade garments in Jalandhar on rent...I always paid rent on time..we had a legal rent agreement...but the problem is that my tenant...

You can complaint to the police station against him and as per Narendra Modi also committed that announced rent dont demand it but even though you are...View

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