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Legal questions & answers for businessLegal questions & answers for business

Saved Legal Questions
Data Processing Addendum Review Business 0 min(s) ago

I want to understand a document call "Data Processing Addendum". Please let me know me know how this works.


Bankrupt solution in covid period.and legal suggestions. Business 23 Sep 2020

Respected sir/ madam . Me and my friend started a coaching institute.and heir four marketing staff two telly caller and a biology teacher.but due to covid...

File for bankruptcy and begin the insolvency proceedings. I have drafts and suits for the same and we shall file them online so that your institution is...View

Regarding the Enquiry about company policy Business 23 Sep 2020

Is it possible to work in Infosys BPM and Byju in same time? Is one get exposed, will company terminate him or ask to resign from other?

It depends upon the agreement signed between you and company.. Hit like button..View

Liquor Company expanding to India Business 22 Sep 2020

I am a U.S based entrepreneur looking to expand my business into India, specifically starting in Delhi. My business partner is a Delhi resident and an...

As per Schedule VII of the Constitution of India, alcohol is subject matter of State, every State has different law and rules governing regulation of...View

Transfer of business after death of a partner in a partnership firm Business 22 Sep 2020

I'm doing hotel business in a partnership mode. My husband is already expired and I am 70 years old now. Whether my share of hotel business can be transfer...


How business can transfer to other family members in case of death Business 21 Sep 2020

I'm doing hotel business in a partnership mode, my husband is already expired,my age is 70 years. After my death can the business be transfer to my son's...

On the death of a partner the partnership dissolves, unless there is contract to induct the legal heir of deceased partner. What you have to do is redraw...View

Regarding renewation of shop Business 21 Sep 2020

I am tenant I m facing some problem related to business I have informed landlord about my issue but he is not giving me permission I told him I will do...

Approach Rent Controlling Authority then... Hit like button...View

Publishing agent violated terms and timelines in contract Business 20 Sep 2020

I'd signed up a publishing agent to represent my first book. The submission to publishers was to happen in April but has still not been done. He has violated...

1. you can serve the publisher a legal notice through a lawyer to perform his part of the agreement, 2. if the needful is not done within the stipulated...View

Improper use of Force Majeure Business 19 Sep 2020

There is a legal agreement between an individual and a hospitality company, the company provided master franchise of the brand to the individual with assured...

Force majeure(doctrine of frustration) is not applicable on completed contract but only executory contracts as held by Delhi High Court on specific plea...View

About Beneficial Owner under Companies Act, 2013. Business 17 Sep 2020

Is 'Beneficial Owner' and 'Significant Beneficial Owner' under Companies Act, 2013 same? Can a Beneficial Owner be a private limited company? what is...


elling ebook without authors permission Business 17 Sep 2020

selling ebook without author's permission,is it legal or not?

It amounts infringement of your copyright. You can file criminal case and send him to jail and you can also civil case claim damages and all profits earned...View

Got cheated from a company named FixLeads Business 17 Sep 2020

Dear Sir, I am running a Loan Agency named "ZustLoan". I got cheated from a company named FixLead. Once I saw an advertisement on Facebook, in that...


Regarding renewation of shop Business 17 Sep 2020

I am tenant I m facing some problem related to business I have informed landlord about my issue but he is not giving me permission I told him I will do...

u have full authority to approach rent collector of your area, which must be chief judicial magistrate and can seek orders for same .View

Regarding renewation of shop Business 17 Sep 2020

I am tenant I m facing some problem related to business I have informed landlord about my issue but he is not giving me permission I told him I will do...

File case in Rent Controlling Authority... Hit like button...View

publication for my new novel and education Business 16 Sep 2020

i want to get my own publication please,help me with the procedure.

state more facts for a proper understandingView

reply to the legal notice Business 16 Sep 2020

respected sir this is pavan kumar from andhra pradesh i am junior advocate and my brother running a small software company we designed one application...

Dear Client Submit me any written MOU is there between you Issue legal notice to him stating the facts Contact me for further legal support View

cheque payment stopped Business 16 Sep 2020

we have stopped cheque payment of our client due to lockdown in Bangalore from March 21 to 31 may and again in June for 10days due to this there is...

u need to request time for them and based on that we can guide u how it proceeds will guide u the best way and say procedure contact us View

Need help in clearing personal loan amount from a person Business 15 Sep 2020

My father had taken loan from his friend. And now they are asking to pay 4lakhs no legal documents are present. My father has given blank checks and orginal...

Dear client, He can file cheque bounce case against your father. You will get time in court for settlement and also you can bargain.View

Consequences of not able to settle full n final settlement. Business 15 Sep 2020

Due to corona, we had to reduce the salary by 50% for my employees and had also mentioned the remaining 50% will be paid in arrears in good time, but couldn't...

Respected Sir, As per Section 2 (KKK) of Industrial Disputes act, you can Lay off the employer who are in Musterroll of your Establishment but cannot...View


Hello, my name is Yeti Arbiz and I am from the Philippines. I want to complain an Indian travel company, Red Apple Travel which has their headquarters...

Send them legal notice first..After that file case against them.. Click like..View

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