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Legal questions & answers for employee/laborLegal questions & answers for employee/labor

Saved Legal Questions
probation period no notice Labor 24 Sep 2020

I joined a company and am in notice period and i resigned with no notice period and they were asking me to pay 3 months salary for that which is mentioned...

I have issued a legal notice to the company in such cases and especially in this particular one since such condition was never apprised to you or was never...View

Under which circumstance employer will not have to make PF contributi Labor 23 Sep 2020

Under which circumstances an employer will not have to make PF contribution?


Provident Fund for Re-employed employees Labor 23 Sep 2020

Is it mandatory for a company to make provident fund contributions to employees who have re-joined the same company? Under which law and Section?

Yes it is mandatory under service rules.. Hit like..View

Labour law on offer letter with conditions Labor 23 Sep 2020

I got a offer from a company wchich states if i do 30lacs business then only i will get salary. If i join the company and if i am unable to do the business...

Yes you can if you havent signed any such contract with them... Hit like..View

Constructive Dismissal Labor 22 Sep 2020

Hi , I am an employee serving notice period in listed reputed co..HR forcefully blocked my official e-mail and attendance and took my resignation from...

These companies are getting away from their obligation to pay their employees behind the shield of covid 19. If this matter is further pursued and a legal...View

Salary not provide for company Labor 21 Sep 2020

Hello sir I am tarabada akashkumar and I work from QULIMARK MACHINERY PVT LTD as a SERVICE TECHNICIAN post. I have work in 1.5 year. I work in service...

Dear client, Send them notice through lawyer demanding your salary and if they refused to pay then file complain in labour court.View

Regarding resignation for an inter state employee Labor 21 Sep 2020

I am a native of Andhra Pradesh. I am working in Gujarat in a US health services( medical billing, AR calling, etc..). I have resigned that company by...

U need to verify that before if u have agremebt then u can send them anotice tooView

Employee is now free from 302 charges. Labor 21 Sep 2020

An employee of our school was suspended because he was charged under 302. Now hounarable court has freed him from charges. So he is appointed on his post...

Why are you taking tension..He is asking for salary.Let him take the action first.You just deny him to give any salary..If he approach then take plea he...View

आज रोजी स्किल्ड वर्कर चा ब Labor 20 Sep 2020

हो मी 15 वर्षे या ठिकाणी कामाला आहे, मग मी राजीनामा देऊ कि टर्मिनेशन...

You can get the gratuity in both the cases View

Plz provide me advocate Labor 20 Sep 2020

Sir main Chandigarh supervisor ki job karta hu or mere contractor ne 2month ki salary nhi di to sir main advocate ki fess nhi de Sakta to main kya kru...

These companies are getting away from their obligation to pay their employees behind the covid -19 shield and harass them to the extent of exploiting them....View

ग्र्याजुटी ऍक्ट नुसार काह Labor 20 Sep 2020

नोकरीं सोडण्याच्या अगोदर ग्रॅजुटी कशी मिळेल या बद्दल काही...

Tumchi service continue 5 varsha chi aahe ka? Asel tar kahi problem nahi yenarView

Not providing me job neither returning my money Labor 20 Sep 2020

I applied for a job.concerned person take 5000 as uniform fee now he is not providing me job nor he is returning my money.50 days has past.what should...

Dear client, You can file complain against him in police station or send him notice through lawyer demanding your money and if he refused to pay then...View

सर मला मदत करा Labor 20 Sep 2020

माफ करा सर मला इंग्लिश भाषा येत नाही, पण मी नोकरीं सोडल्यावर...

Dear client, तुम्ही सोडण्याचं आगोदर घ्याला पाहिजे नंतर काही सांगता...View

Please give Half Salary cut solution Labor 19 Sep 2020

My company is paying half salary Rs 5000 per month what can I do to get full salary

These companies are getting away from their obligation to pay their employees behind the covid -19 shield to recover the amount of their losses. If this...View

Using company letterhead for resign letter crime or not Labor 19 Sep 2020

Using company letterhead for resign letter crime or not ? Does that falls under stealing the company letter head ?

No it does not amount to stealing. But it may amounts to misuse of property of the company. Which comes under misconduct. For further clarifications you...View

Using company letterhead for resign letter Labor 19 Sep 2020

Sr Does using company letterhead for writing resignation letter come under stealing company letter head ?

it is mischief not stealing .View

Related to vacating stay order Labor 18 Sep 2020

I am a Aspirant who has cracked LIC's Assistant exam on this year January even I have completed my certificate verification on January.But due to the case...

u need to file the counter regarding this in the high court and then u can get relaxed form this for best u can contact with us will guide u View

अश्या या कंपनीत काम कसे कर Labor 18 Sep 2020

सर मी एक प्रायव्हेट कंपनीत 15 वर्षे टर्नर मिलर ड्रिलर म्हणून...

Company madhe kiti workers kam kartat, company kuthe ahe, name keya aahe hey jar mahit zale tar sagli oochit karyavahi hou shkte View

Salary default by emplotyer Labor 17 Sep 2020

It is now 6 months that my ex employer SFO technologies Private limited - Banglore is dodging the final settlement but has cited the correct amount in...

file case in labour court obvious advice .please meet local lawyer and file . click likeView

City Compensatory Allowance Recovered from Employer Labor 17 Sep 2020

Till i've a new job proposal but previously i have commented to HR for next four year job in Mumbai location with four year for Digressing City Compensatory...


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