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Legal questions & answers for environmentalLegal questions & answers for environmental

Saved Legal Questions
Construction done but without filling pond Environmental 20 Sep 2020

Build cow shed(cemented 4wall with asbestos as roof)on the embankment of the pond is legal?As opposition party filled a case about construction by filling...

Civil courts have no jurisdiction to settle matter which could have been settled by National Green Tribunal Eastern Zone Bench (23) • Government office,...View

Public nuisance by loudspeaker Environmental 17 Sep 2020

Hi, I'm located in Nilgiris, Tami Nadu. Near my location there are 2 mosques which are continuously disrupting the noise polution law. They are starting...

Dear client, File suit for specific relief act in court to Stop that loud speaker.View

Internship related to environment Environmental 16 Sep 2020

Perusing final year law course from nagpur, want to do internship. Choosing development nd improvement of environment as a profession keen to learn every...

in india there is nothing like separate environment law . it is part of property law and the forest law. View

How to get recorded my patta ang clearance from DFO Environmental 5 Sep 2020

Iam having a patta issued on 1993 in my name at West Bengal but iam not able to record my patta because it's showing owner as forest department govt of...


Environment Protection Act, 1986 Environmental 1 Sep 2020

I wanna get some cases related to environment protection Act, 1986 which relates to stubble burning issues in the National Capital Region

yes we have lot of cases but why for what ur going to fight against that View

Tree falling on neighbours house Environmental 31 Aug 2020

Am I liable legally to compensatebfor damage if my house tree leaves or a Areca palm tree broke and fell on neighbour's house, due to act of God, like...

If tree falls to your neighbour house you will be liable for it... Hit like button... View

Problem with Areca palm tree leaves falling. Environmental 31 Aug 2020

My second question here - My father bought a plot with house in Agartala, Tripura almost 10 years ago, on the right side of our house there is one neighbour...

sir go for the police complaint and submit complaint at the collector and the municipality in person . sir put cctv camera as if that person try to harm...View

Tree leaves falling on a government road and idiotic objection. Environmental 31 Aug 2020

In my house in Tripura, my father has planted a Jackfruit tree when we bought the house in the side of the fence, across the fence there is a government...

If tree is not creating any type of nuisance then no need to cut it down..As per your facts i dont think so it creates any problem or nuisance as such..So...View


Can FIR be lodged for throwing acid in my plants by my neighbour?

I told you in my previous post in detail that yes it can be filed.View

SEEKING LEGAL ADVICE Environmental 30 Aug 2020

My neighbour has thrown some acid into our plants causing it damaged .What legal step can I take in this regard . Thanks.

You can file police complaint to create nuisance... Hit like button...View

Poultry farm causing health hazards to children and senior citizens Environmental 25 Aug 2020

Hi, unfortunately there is a poultry farm just beside the residential society which I live in an has been causing hazardous influence on the neighbourhood...

Dear client, File complain against them in local police station...View

Cantonment act , sewage , environment protection act Environmental 16 Aug 2020

Can cantonment board lay sewage line in the cantonment area without town planning being sanctioned, does the ceo of cantonment board have to consult collector...


Felling of trees inside the wildlife sanctuary Environmental 10 Aug 2020

Some villagers living near the wildlife sanctuary fell the pine trees inside the Sanctuary, all the villagers are tribal people because of the lockdown...

They will be punished under Indian Forest Act... Hit like button...View

someone cut trees and plants from my premises without my permission or Environmental 7 Aug 2020

I have a bungalow in a private society where I visit time to time but in about 6-8 months gap. There are plants & trees in my garden area, every bungalow...

You should file an FIR in police station regarding this.. Hit like button..View

have to answer on show cause notice on pollution of my fac Environmental 4 Aug 2020

I recieved show cause notice for pollution in my factory for 20 lac rupees I have to answer for this notice

Dear client sent copy of notice or attach it for give proper answer to you. if you want to prepare then contact me i will prepare reply for that notice. ...View

Existing (agricultural)borewell registration Environmental 30 Jul 2020

Iam staying in nalgonda( Telangana). How can I register my existing agricultural purpose borewell?

contact the collector and the patwari in person. View

Stay order for drain in street Environmental 26 Jul 2020

Can i take a stay order of drain in my street and in front of my house..we want to shift the drain at that placeas it was 8 years before..because many...

Yes, you can file suit of permanent injunction.. Hit like button...View

Man made Land Slide threat from a government organisation Environmental 21 Jul 2020

Sir , My property is adjacent to the Government of India's property which has 150 flats and offices sending nearly 150000 litres of used water...

Send legal notice to gov first..After that we can file the case of permanent injunction plus mandatory injunction in Court... Hit like button...View

Recovering the 15 years back live status of an erstwhile pond Environmental 19 Jul 2020

Sir There was a pond beside our building. The pond was filled up 15 years back. But that pond owner did not raise any permanent construction until recently,...

I’ll draft a complaint to the local municipality and they’ll take up the necessary action to protect the interest of locals. Get in touch with me with...View

Unauthorized cutting of banyan tree in my property Environmental 16 Jul 2020

My neighbor tresspassed my property and cut a whole banyan tree and even uprooted the root of the banyan tree(>120 years of age) and discarded it beside...

Dear client You can claim compensation before civil court as per value of tree If you is good then please press like button 👍View

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