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Legal questions & answers for familyLegal questions & answers for family

Saved Legal Questions
contested divorce for divorce upon Mental cruelty Family 11 hour(s) ago

We are looking for a best lawyer for a contested divorce for divorce upon Mental cruelty. Kindly let me know the overall timeline and cost for the service...

You need to mention your place of residence, to decide the courts jurisdiction. Price would follow.View

Property cum family matter Family 12 hour(s) ago

Sir I own a farm land which was recently converted to resort and also I have 2 house were in IAM staying in one one is let out for rent all property's...

Sir right now transfer all the property in your mother name .. no need to tell to any one.this is wife greed nothing else. Be strong and tactfull . Start...View

Fake 498a passport impounded, loc issued though i have a stay order Family 17 hour(s) ago

Fake 498a in absence.. residing aboroad, Loc issued, passport impounded

Take anticipatory bail and file f.i.r quash petition in HIGH COURT. CLICK LIKE GIFTView

No sitting on hearing date Family 25 Jan 2020

I filled a divorce case in Bangalore, got first hearing date on 24th Jan, I couldn't attend and my lawyer sent her associate and said no sitting today....

Get the order sheet of the case and you will know the reason for adjournment. View

Legal Help Regarding A Sibling Who Refuses Mental Health Treatment Family 25 Jan 2020

What can I do if my sister behaves violently with my mother and I? She has a mental health issue but refuses to take treatment. By the time i get back...

Yes ask your father or mother to take psychiatric help they are legal guardians take immidiate psychiatrist help if needed send her to mental asylum for...View

Domestic Violence / Maintenance Family 25 Jan 2020

Case : Domestic Violence / Maintenance (for my daughter & her daughter) Fact : No money available for legal help. Request answer with clauses, sections,...

your daughter can file a case of domestic violence against her in-laws/husband and can claim residence, protection, compensation, maintenance for herself...View

Remarriage for divorced schedule tribe person during pendency of appea Family 24 Jan 2020

What is the legal position regarding remarriage, divorced S T person during the pendency of appeal

if appeal is pending than appellant cant marry during pen ency of appeal.View

Divorce from wife who is cheating Family 24 Jan 2020

Procedure to get divorce from a cheating wife. Who cheated me three years back and provides mental torture

contact me for advice. click like giftView

do i need wife permission to go abroad i have no kids 1 year old marr Family 24 Jan 2020

Thanks for the reply I have a few direct questions My wife left in march 2019 reason for me being unemployed i have not met with her since then....

go abroad directly. click like giftView

Divorce and remarriage Family 24 Jan 2020

Hi, I got married in 2017 without knowing my family members I had done court marraige. Later on after 7-8 months due to some issue we mutually divorce....

you are not a divorcee? was the divorce decree granted by court . I think within one year no divorce is permitted and without court there is no divorce.They...View

Child Marriage Divorce Family 24 Jan 2020

What to do if a girl was married when she was 12 years old in 2004 now have 3 kids, want to stay away from her husband? Does she need to take Divorce?...

it is valid .she had to get it nullified within 6 months of attaining 18 . also 3 children . she has to divorce .click likeView

Marriage registration Family 24 Jan 2020

I got married in August 2019 in Kashmir, I want to register my marriage in Mumbai, I have address proof of Mumbai but my wife is from Kashmir, we both...

Yes it can be registed in mumbai get marriage photo marriage card address proof of both spplt it will registerd within one day u have to will formsView

Need divorce suggestion as i am unemployed and wife is living with inl Family 24 Jan 2020

I have family issue as my wife is not agree to live with me after my disease as i had brain cancer. Moreover my inlaws are supporting her she is livjng...

Ok then.. U people can apply for divorde.. U can get easily.. If u want u can go for.. Mutual divorce.. Or else u can fight against her. View

Love marriage with my GF against her parents Family 24 Jan 2020

Me and my gf have been in relationship for more than 10 years & I got married with my GF against her parents wish on Dec 2019. soon after the marriage...

contact me. I will show you the way in that court will give you possesion of your wife. click like giftView

Can husband claim props Family 23 Jan 2020

Can a husband claim house property which is in his wife’s name (funds raised by husbands earnings)but the land on which the house is built is been gifted...

it belongs to wife and the gift to wife (money for construction is gift) has become her self acquire property now this house has been built by wife on...View

Love problem and emotional balckmail Family 23 Jan 2020

Hi sir/mam I loved person but now that person behavior is not I don't want him to marry.but he is saying me.if I didn't marry him he will

Do not worry. Just ask him clearly that your parents have find some suitable person for you, and not to disturb you. Dnt worry. Time will heal everything. Feel...View

Possibility of case postpone Family 23 Jan 2020

Hi, my divorce case was placed exparte in 2018, since then I’ve finished the evidence stage and was held on argument stage until today. Today the judge...

As many times as the judge wants .no limit laid down by any law .clickView

harrasment by daughter in law question about my son moving abroad Family 23 Jan 2020

My son, 30 yrs was working as software engineer in new zealand, got invitation at matrimonial site for marriage. My daughter in law, Priya, 21 yrs, XII...

no.. They cant harm your son in germany. click like giftView

daghter in law living seperately unknown location no contact since 12 Family 23 Jan 2020

My son, 30 yrs was working as software engineer in new zealand, got invitation at matrimonial site for marriage. My daughter in law, Priya, 21 yrs, XII...

Let your son go to Germany. Time will heal everything. View

498A and DV.Divorce case too. Family 23 Jan 2020

I am facing false 498A and DV.Have a girl child.Filed for divorce but it became contested divorce.Wife has law background.She is not willing to divorce...

call me.. Without proper communication i cant advice you. click like giftView

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