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Legal questions & answers for human rightsLegal questions & answers for human rights

Saved Legal Questions
Critical priority appreciated Human Rights 14 hour(s) ago

Can you fight my case for free to stop these illegal activities and take fees after i sell my property PlEASE Stalking Cybercrime Intrusion in...


Graduatiy before retirement sudden death Human Rights 21 hour(s) ago

Hi my brother expired before retirement from govt aided college Haryana.He was unmarried and all his nomination is on my name like salery account.lic etc.College...

Dear client Legal heirs of deceased can claim gratuity If answer is good then please press like button 👍View

Domestic violence act Human Rights 24 Sep 2020

Domestic violence case file any time after incident happen?? Or there is some time validity??

Dear client, You can file domestic violence case as early as possible after incident happened with you.View

Requesting help to file a PIL Human Rights 23 Sep 2020

I would like to file a PIL requesting for exercising fundamental right of an Indian to choose a life partner IF and WHEN he/she wants to and not under...

u can file over that for best contact with us will guide u View

complaint on electricity department Human Rights 23 Sep 2020

There is a electricity pole had installed Infront of my land and now I am going to start construction of my house in that land so I want to remove that...

File complaint to electricity department for this.. Hit like..View

Using intimidating words like stupid etc on family members phone Human Rights 23 Sep 2020

If someone texts that I am behaving "stupid" on the mobile phone of my father , is it an offense of violation of privacy?

file defamation case and claim the compensation View

Unauthorised use of parking lot Human Rights 23 Sep 2020

Paid Parking at apartment and allotment displayed by sticking apt number. Inspite one tenant forcibly place car. How to evacuate his car on legal...

In this situation a notice from the society has to be sent to the person who is using it in an unauthorised manner. I have drafts and notices where upon...View

Impotency defamation 499,500 and also 306 Human Rights 23 Sep 2020

I am 32 yr hindu male MBBS MD doctor from maharastra.I got married(1st marriage) in may 2017.Wife and her parents defamed me as impotent during march 2018...

Limitation for filing defamation is one year from the date of defamation. For further clarification you may contact me through Pathlegal. Hit the like...View

Dont son has any right to mothers and fathers property Human Rights 23 Sep 2020

Mother in law and father in law were badly abused my self and my husband by bad language and asking us to get out from the house with my 2 kid

Dear client, You can file complain in police stationView

Textual threats of police arrest Human Rights 23 Sep 2020

If someone threatens me of police arrest via text on a baseless allegation (that I can easily prove wrong with evidence), is it an is it considered as...

Dear client, If any FIR is registered against you then you can file anticipatory bail in courtView

Hight court jurisdiction Human Rights 23 Sep 2020

Can we have file direct petition to High court according to the Civil rights

Yes You can also file a criminal or civil writ petition in the High Court or the Supreme Court, depending on the case matter. View

Consultation for what to do next Human Rights 22 Sep 2020

My friend blackmailed a girl for viral her private photos but he only blackmailed her and didn't viral but the girl went to a lawyer he called my friend...

Ask your friend to hire a lawyer and to refrain from giving your documents . Regards. To know more about the same contact me through path legal.View

Professional abuse by colleague Human Rights 22 Sep 2020

If a colleague calls me stupid on the personal phone of my family member, is it an offense?

no if u feel it is not good then u can file for defamation case View

Mall Maintenance charges for lockdown period Human Rights 22 Sep 2020

Hi Sir/Madam I would like to know , can we have to pay mall maintenance charges for the lockdown period.

Yes because their is no such law where these type of charges exempt by gov.. Hit like..View

Non consenting human research and torture by defence grade weapons Human Rights 21 Sep 2020

I am President of a human rights organization called People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance, International. We were formed to assist targeted...

A PIL needs to filed before the Supreme Court and a good arguing advocate is required to uncover this torturous act. I represent Delhi Police at Delhi...View


So, our college is taking offline exams and they are making us sign a self-declaration form which means they can't be responsible if we catch covid-19....

University is performing public function and safety of students should be paramount importance. If they can not provide conducive atmosphere to conduct...View

Human rights abuse by intelligence agencies Human Rights 20 Sep 2020

How do I file a pil regarding a public issue where the state I stortuting ppl with advanced technology like microwave and neuroweapons for human research...

Ok u can file in the high court.. View

Right to study is abiding Human Rights 20 Sep 2020

Some problem occuree regarding my furthur studies ....I want some suggestions to take some steps for my higher study

What is issue and whether u r girl who family do not support further study and want to marry you off .kindly contact me via pathlegal thanks View

It is legal to shoot video Human Rights 20 Sep 2020

I didn't wear halmet but I have helmet. So i paid charge of it then I told police officer to wear mask but he refused and then I shoot video . So he followed...

File complaint to SP of your area... Hit like..View

May i know the legal way to deal with it if she moves a complaint as Human Rights 19 Sep 2020

A girl had an affair with me in 2018 & used to call me we see each other daily for almost 1year after she left from my city she reduced calling & seeing...

If you have proof regarding the relationship with you then she cant do anything..Practically let her go because police will take action against you under...View

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