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Legal questions & answers for information technologyLegal questions & answers for information technology

Saved Legal Questions
cyber crime and defamation of the girl Information Technology 26 May 2020

what if an ex boyfriend posts your nude pictures and videos after breakup and that too without your somewhere that 18 percent of the women...

Send a legal notice and lodge a FIR and I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order...View

Complain agianst cheating me Information Technology 19 May 2020

I worked for a company in hyderabad for 21 months my resignation was acdepted by my employer i have soft copies proof of that. They told me they will provide...

send them notice through lawyer. click like gift.View

its mockery of legal system in kolkata !!! Information Technology 17 May 2020

I don't know how to chat here.... paying to pathlegal is not an issue if i can get an advocate who is gallant.... and in kolkata... here things work bit...

please ask question in specific way.View

Cyber cops harresment to implicate a person in fake case Cyper PS, Kol Information Technology 17 May 2020

Thank you Ld. Sir for ur advice.... A CrPc 482 was filed by a known senior Advocate of Hon'ble Calcutta HC Bar Library in mid 2016... The Hon'ble HC Judge...

xNeeds Detailed Discussion as complete information is not available. To Write the Whole Answer is not Possible for Me. You may fix an appointment with...View

Fake n Fabricated case by Cyber PS, Lalbazar, Kolkata Information Technology 17 May 2020

I'm implicated in a fake n fabricated Cyber case since sept' 2013. Cyber PS, Lalbazar, Kolkata had to take the help of a fake n fabricated 354 / A / B...

You can file a quashing (cancellation of FIR) into the High Court. If you Satisfied Like 👍👍It.View

How to find the owner of a sim card number Information Technology 14 May 2020

How can I legally find out the owner of a sim card? I know it is a vodafone number in Mumbai but the person denies being the owner of the number. Is making...

Yes if there is cognigence in a cass police will not interfere in that matter. What is the reason behind your complaint he is the owner n denying for the...View

Delayed Joining/ No Clarification On Joining Date Information Technology 13 May 2020

I would like to know that if there an employer is delaying the joining and not clearing the date when the company can be joined. Is the offer letter...

sir go to the labor commissioner in person . View

Hi I’m Mohd Hameed Information Technology 12 May 2020

Hi sir I’m Mohammed Hameed from Hyderabad. I got hdfc credit card in the limit of 100000 I don’t have a amount . I’m a employee of cts...

As-salāmu ʿalaykum, Hameed, we are looking in many such cases nowadays. Contact secretary to connect with me. We will help you. Click Lawyer Detail...View

Starting a company without any hiccups Information Technology 12 May 2020

I am looking for advice in starting my own IT company, i am working as a IT professional, what are the legal boundations I will face if i start the company...

You need to share your contract copy with me to give you proper guidance regarding the impediments to start your own IT company. Please feel free to contact...View

Trade License can be used for providing certificates to students Information Technology 7 May 2020

Can I use trade license and provide computer certificates to my students.

Dear client, You would have to take accreditation from the authority for running classes and impart training of computer programming courses first then...View

blackmailing continuously through in social media Information Technology 7 May 2020

My freind was using a fake Facebook profile for posting only devotional news and posts. He has never humiliated any other religion in any way in that profile....

sir already asked that go to the police department cyber cell in person . talk to them .View

Blackmailing me telling he will humiliate me in front of others in fac Information Technology 7 May 2020

Dear Sir, As public will target me in very bad way, i was using a fake facebook profile in a girls name , it became so popular and every post had avarage...

sir no need to listen the guy , just go to the police and tell the truth . and sir delete the account right now with help of the cyber cell police department...View

Registration of StartUp Company Information Technology 7 May 2020

I am planning to open a startup IT Company and need to know the procedure to register the company

1) When & what type of IT company you want to form? Direct Service provider OR Third Party 2) What is your Qualification? 3) How many of them want join...View

Legal nature of cyber crimes Information Technology 1 May 2020

I wanted to ask whether cyber crimes need mens rea or intention like other crimes or are they strict liability?

Mens rea depends upon circumstance of the case. By act of accused and nature of crime mens rea can be derived and be established. View

Is blasphemy not legal Information Technology 30 Apr 2020

Would it be legal to post a blasphemous comment regarding denouncing religion(s) on social media, and what's the process to complain if someone does so?....

Dear brother/sister the indian citizens are having full liberty to follow any religion as per the constitution so no one can be arrested in this regard A.P.Loganathan,...View

Rules and Regulations in India on Back Ground verification Information Technology 30 Apr 2020

can any company in India run a background check on their Employees? Some of the websites say Company has to be ISO 270001 certified which I am not getting...

No its depending upon your documents and certificates which you was shown it at the time of interview or joining. If you Satisfied Like 👍👍it.View

Plz suggests me that what mistake are made by I/o in it act cases. Information Technology 29 Apr 2020

Dear madam A Cyber crime Investigation Manual is being issued from ours. There will also be a point in it that in case of IT Act, what mistakes are made...

for what purpose is this made .View

Economic impact of coronavirus Information Technology 27 Apr 2020

What is the Economic impact of coronavirus on the world? Please send your insights

Ask for any legal problem if you are suffering. It is not the academic platform for general discussion.View

Mistake by a small kid on whatsApp group Information Technology 25 Apr 2020

WhatsApp पर 7th कक्षा के लिए एक ग्रुप बनाया गया (याद रखे इस ग्रुप मे...

Dear sir /madam You may just settle the matter with an apology . Since it was done by mistake they may oblidge. ALso get to know what message was sent...View

is it illegal to use a un-launched website in india Information Technology 24 Apr 2020

Is it illegal to use a un-launched website i india or legal pls i want to know

yes it is infringement of right of privacy . View

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