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Legal questions & answers for intellectual propertyLegal questions & answers for intellectual property

Saved Legal Questions
Regarding property clarity Intellectual Property 27 May 2020

Hi Sir/Madam My mother died 3 year's back. And now my father's age is nearly 58 years and going to retire from the job in 2 year's. He's trying to marry...

after death of father mother will get pension as well as share in property it may be 2nd wife of father. So better tell your to not do marriage else the...View

Cease and Desist Notice Intellectual Property 12 May 2020

Hi One of my known competitor has sent me a notice to stop using his company keywords on my website where all the words are very common. however he has...

You have to reply the notice through advocate. With out reading the notice, nothing can be advice. Call or mail me for assistance. Supreme Court ...View

How to protect Intellectual Property Intellectual Property 12 May 2020

Respected Sir, I have developed a small tool using Excel (Microsoft Excel). Not it has all the formulas and calculations into it which were developed...

sir first check it with your father or your CA in person mandatory . View

tenant not giving rent problem Intellectual Property 12 May 2020

I am landlord if tenant not giving rent properly now it has gone to 5 lacs(3 years ) .so there is any law that if tenat not giving rent continuously then...

send him notice through lawyer & file suit for eviction in court than he will bound to pay the rent in court.View

Copyright Requirement Intellectual Property 6 May 2020

I write an original poem. I record it and publish it in you tube. Do I still need to take a copyright of poem?

Hello! If the poem you have written is your original work, then the copyright automatically vests in you. There is no mandate to get your copyright...View

Video used without permission on youtube Intellectual Property 4 May 2020

I have made an animation video for my channel on youtube. Someone used part of my video in his video and uploaded on youtube without my permission. I have...

file police complain against him.View

Video used without permission on youtube Intellectual Property 4 May 2020

I have made an animation video for my channel on youtube. Someone used part of my video in his video and uploaded on youtube without my permission. I have...

R/s first send legal notice for such View

copyright/patent/trademark advice Intellectual Property 1 May 2020

I have a facebook group , I created when I was student of that academy. after 8 years I got this message from staff of that academy " You have created...

sir delete the group right now , what is the need to keep the same . and if the police come to you then submit apology for the same . View

Requesting Several times of removing a content from a site, but didt g Intellectual Property 26 Apr 2020

SIr, regarding DMCA complain I am try to reach to webmaster of I leave complain form and waited for almost 2 days, they are not...

lodge f.i.r against them.View

Right on property of my uncle on a property Intellectual Property 25 Apr 2020

Sir my maternal grandfather bought a property in 1997 on his name but a banker cheque no is mentioned of my meternal uncle in registry paper. This property...

If that property self aquired then they cant claim it and if that ancestral they can claim and got share. If you Satisfied Like 👍👍It.View

My Concern is regarding Trademark or Copyright Intellectual Property 23 Apr 2020

Hi, My Concern is regarding Trademark, Copyright or anything that even remotely related to intellectual property. What is want to know is Can...

No one has the exclusive rights over dictionary words, and can claim the exclusive rights over dictionary words.View

Can a Trademark lawyer tell if a TM will be accepted or rejected befor Intellectual Property 17 Apr 2020

I'd like to know if a TM lawyer can tell me before applying if a TM will be accepted or rejected

If any one send a objections, then it will be posted for enquiry.then only it will be accept or reject. If it be rejected you may appeal before the appellate...View

Fraud of Power of Attorney Intellectual Property 17 Apr 2020

Can we change the Power of Attorney by legal method or we can claim that it is fraud

first tell me for what purpose you are making power of attorney. Regarding sale purchase of property, court cases,ownership of property.View

False Agreement to sell Intellectual Property 16 Apr 2020

I have given blank paper with my signature at the bottom of A4 size paper, to my friend .Can it be misused. Can Agreement to sell of my flat can be written...

sir go for the FIR . View

About old property currently undertaken by court Intellectual Property 10 Apr 2020

Hello sir. I am having an doubt about old property of my family its a big property in chennai which should be share in between my grandmother and her...

Ok then let us know more details will clarify urs. For ebest u can contact us.. View

About The Copyrights of Online Blogs and Posts Intellectual Property 1 Apr 2020

Sir, I am planning to start a monthly membership website with premium content from the many other premium of the sites Like suppose The Premium diet...

If any copyright violattion then they will claim the damages against you so give precaution of it and mention tye terms and conditions if any one post...View

Filling of case in high court with fee thro online ! Intellectual Property 31 Mar 2020

I am Raja from Karaikudi.I want to know whether it's possible to filling a case in high court without consent of lawyer ! I am ready to bear the fee for...

No without lawyer you not filed it so meet to lawyer and show the documents so that they will advise that what you will getting remedy uon it and what...View

Car parking in front on house in public street Intellectual Property 25 Mar 2020

What if My neighbours used to park his SUV car in front of his house. Road is only 20ft,difficult for me to pass from that portion.I speaks to him many...

sir in front of his house he is free . every person has right to park the vehicle in front of his or her own house . for your problem you need to talk...View

MISUSE OF MY GOOD WILL Intellectual Property 24 Mar 2020


Ok. Then u can go for defamation. Case... For best if any can contact usView


My uncle take loan our joint family agriculture from Co-operative society without informing us & without our sign & agree ment what should I do now can...

Prima facie, the co-operative society has erred in giving loan to your uncle, wherein your father also is a co-owner. The society’s action of giving...View

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