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Legal questions & answers for intellectual propertyLegal questions & answers for intellectual property

Saved Legal Questions
want a copy of sale deed. Intellectual Property 21 Sep 2020

I want a copy of sale deed of a property which was bought by my father back in 1989. Since my father expired this year I am unable to get the original...

you can get the certified copy from the office of sub-registrar (tehsildar)View

When can copyright law and confidential information coexist simultane Intellectual Property 19 Sep 2020

If a creative work is registered as copyright but not yet published or distributed anywhere, will it be a confidential information as it is not yet published...

hello, after registration it will loose confidentiality because it is registered in government record. and government record is public document except...View

Legal notice from Fraud of Online job Intellectual Property 18 Sep 2020

A friend of mine has received a notice from " (Subject: LEGAL INTIMATION ADV.RAHUL SHARMA ,Company :NVP TECHNOLOGY An arbitrary and conciliation act...

then u to can counter it and pay the amount basing up on that or file a complaint View

Property dispute between brother Intellectual Property 18 Sep 2020

Hi there is an ancestor property divided between 2 brothers.One brother is dead and his son is fighting with his uncle that you have got one foot extra...

Yes, he can raise dispute with regard to improper partition. For further clarification you may contact me through Pathlegal. Hit the like button if the...View

Copyright violations regarding E-Newspaper Intellectual Property 16 Sep 2020

i am a student who studies for government examinations. and I have subscribed to the e-newspaper "The Hindu". my question is "if i share the PDF of my...

For personal use you can share.Not for commercial purposes... Hit like button...View

trademark expert lawyer work on patent matter Intellectual Property 16 Sep 2020

trademark expert lawyer work on patent matter? My lawyer is expert in trademark, but not sure about patent and I can not ask him.

Its not necessary.View

Copyright infringement doubt with regard to movie stills Intellectual Property 16 Sep 2020

Hey, Sir/Ma'am, Will the usage of movie stills be a copyright infringement if used in the website design for a website to direct the users to a website...

Dear client, Thats a copyright.View

Harassment and legal threat by Client to freelance graphic designer Intellectual Property 12 Sep 2020

Hello, I'm a freelance Graphic designer from Kolkata. I had taken up a design project in 2017 (for 8 package designs for Rs. 35,000) with 3-4 rounds...

Dear client, You can give reply of that notice through lawyer.View

Property issue (ownly earned) Intellectual Property 8 Sep 2020

My father died leaving a property without a will in the year of 2014 we are 3 sisters and 1 younger brother my brother is urging for making partition...

Yes he can proceed for partition of the property by file case in court of partition.. Hit like..View

About Business Partnership and Intellectual Property Intellectual Property 8 Sep 2020

My friend got a new Restaurant Franchise idea. He told me that am i ready to become partner with him. I agreed and he shared idea, now i am nothing willing...

Don’t sign it right away. Share the clause and the franchise agreement with me so that you are not bound by it and can make changes in it accordingl...View

Property bought in Mothers name Intellectual Property 8 Sep 2020

My husband bought a agri land with a joint holder of his mother without my knowledge.When i came to know about it they r saying its for security purpose.Is...

1. both, mother & son, are equal partner in the land, 2. the mother can give her share to anybody as per her choice, View

Property distribution from father to three children Intellectual Property 8 Sep 2020

Property distribution clarification,from father to 3 children

simple it is one by three equal View

TradeMark Registration Intellectual Property 8 Sep 2020

Can I register a TradeMark in my name ( Individual ) if I don't have an existing operational company?

contact tehsil in person. View

Same name web domain Intellectual Property 5 Sep 2020

If some company is registered abroad and I want to keep the same name of my company/web domain in will it be a problem?

no sir it is then , copy right infringement . View

Change of address and dissolution of partnership in trademark certifi Intellectual Property 4 Sep 2020

Hello, I want to change the address and dissolution of partnership in my registered trademark certificate.Due to certain issues ,my partner has left the...

Dear Client, Contact me via call/Whatsapp for the same as my details can be taken from pathlegal. RegardsView

Legality of in India Intellectual Property 3 Sep 2020 There's this website that helps access free e-books on the internet. I wanted to...

yes, it is legal.View

Property share with step mother Intellectual Property 30 Aug 2020

After the demise of my mother in 2000,my father married again in the year 2001. my step mother purchased a land in the year 2003 with her savings near...

Dear client, You both brother and sister Will get equal share in all of the property.View

Therapy records transfer Intellectual Property 30 Aug 2020

Hello, I had been taking therapy service via Betterlyf since year 2018. I wish to transfer now to a new therapist out of this venture. While whichever...

Notl they are not. We must issue them a notice and file a complaint on the similar lines as you are now entitled to damages and they can not bias your...View

Trademark withdrawal Intellectual Property 30 Aug 2020

A friend of mine has a small company and he registered a trademark. there is a contest and opposition for the trademark from another similar one. Both...

Yes they can do the agreement related to it on stamp paper... Hit like button..View

I want make house in danga land Intellectual Property 24 Aug 2020

I want to make house in danga land without change it to it illegal ? What is punishment for it ?

sir not illegal, but not advisable for the construction as the land there is not fit to tolerate the construction pressure, as it is near the water body...View

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