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Legal advice HyderabadLegal Advice Hyderabad

(Phone Consulting) PathLegal has registered lawyers who can understand your legal issues and provide legal advice in Hyderabad over phone. You can find here our registered lawyers who can provide legal advice Hyderabad over phone. Click on the advocate and follow the steps to contact them. However we always recommend you to consult with a lawyer in person for your final decisions.

Legal Experts score is based on the last 180 days customer rating given on the online answers provided by the lawyers. Each answer has an option where client can choose "like" accordingly whoever score more "like" would appear in the top rank list.
Legal advice by Advocate deepa from Hyderabad
Experience (years): 2
Languages Known: hindi,english and telugu
Specializations: divorce cases,consumer cases,cheque bounce cases and advices can be given in all
Legal advice by Advocate A.Satyawati from Hyderabad
Experience (years): 14
Specializations: civil ,divorce,criminal.matrimonial,property matters,consumer
Legal advice by Advocate Rajgopal Sripathi from Hyderabad
Experience (years): 25
Languages Known: Telugu, English
Specializations: civil, criminal, banking, business, property, tax, valuations, structured finance, private equity
Legal advice by Advocate K Radha from Hyderabad
Experience (years): 37
Languages Known: English teugu hindi
Specializations: family law, property law practice
Legal advice by Advocate Md inkeshaf ahmed  from Hyderabad
Experience (years): 4
Languages Known: English, Telugu, Hindi and Urdu
Specializations: civil law, criminal law, family law, ipr law, income tax law, gst law and company law
Legal advice by Advocate Ramakrishna.A from Hyderabad
Experience (years): 12
Languages Known: English.telugu
Specializations: civil, and criminal,mc, divorce check bounce,family dvc etc.,
Legal advice by Advocate Ajay Reddy from Hyderabad
Experience (years): 1
Languages Known: Telugu Hindi and English
Specializations: property law, company law, criminal law taxation, bails, cheque bounce, labour laws etc.,
Legal advice by Advocate A.BHAVANI ARUNA from Hyderabad
Experience (years): 11
Languages Known: Telugu, english, hindi
Specializations: familycases, civilcases, accidentalcases, chequebounce cases,arbitration,all documentations etc.
Legal advice by Advocate C. Archana from Hyderabad
Experience (years): 2
Languages Known: Telugu, Hindi and English
Specializations: land matters, writs, appeals, all civil and criminal cses
Legal advice by Advocate S Srinivasa Prasad from Hyderabad
Experience (years): 17
Languages Known: Telugu, Hindi, English & Urdu
Specializations: civil law, criminal law, property law, family law, property law, business law & labour laws

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Phone consulting helps you to meet your immediate needs for discussing and getting legal advice in Hyderabad from reputed lawyers. Often a good legal advice Hyderabad at the first hand helps you to resolve issues faster in your favor. This option offers you freedom to choose and discuss your legal issues with an expert lawyer saving your time in locating, getting appointment of the right lawyer.
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