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Law Firm Branding

Take a step with PathLegal , which would  help you to build a top legal brand in the world and increase the daily client flow. A good legal brand can bring more clients to your doorstep.  PathLegal law firm branding solutions can help lawyers and law firms to build their legal brand. PathLegal branding solutions include,

 Website/App Development & Hosting Services

Logo Design
Website Design & Development
Mobile Apps
Website maintenance
Website Hosting services

 Search Engine Optimization

Bring your website on top of Google/Yahoo/MSN search engines. SEO is a technical expertise which would help bring your website on top of the search. Our SEO experts can work using the white hat techniques to promote your website.

 Legal Q/A programs

Participate in different legal question & answer programs and direct the clients from there. Here we will act as your first level online consultant and direct clients from those channels to your office.

 Legal Article/Blog Writing

Our content writers are skilled lawyers in different legal subjects capable enough to handle laws from different countries. We would write legal  blogs/articles for your firm in different forums which would attract users to your business.

 Lawyers Directory Listings

Add your profile to local directories such as Google local, Yahoo local business, PathLegal, etc and maintain it. There may be many local directories available as per your region. Just adding your profile to those directories will not help you, need to maintain it well to show your profile on top of the listing with good customer reviews if possible.

 Paid Ad listing & Management

Participate in different paid campaigns by Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Other local directories in an economic way according to your country law. We are expertise in optimizing your ads according to your budget, specialization and region of practice, which can increase your client flow rapidly.

 Social Media Marketing

Our SMM experts can leverage their legal skill to build a brand for your Law firm using different social media networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, which would build an excellent marketing strategy and attract legal clients from social networking environments. It’s very important to have your presence in these social media networks as majority of the online community are connected each other using these media and sharing their opinion.

 Review Management

Client reviews, we can manage your client reviews which includes motivating clients for positive  reviews and help them to put their reviews.
Negative review handling, Our review experts can validate the reviews and fix the negative reviews accordingly, which would eventually increase your clients.Our review experts are the real lawyers, they can handle it legally incase of any fraud/manipulated reviews.

 Google Map, Site map, Analytic integration

 We would create and integrate Google Map, Site Map, Webmaster tools and Analytics tools to your website.

 PathLegal Premier Memberships

List your profile top in the PathLegal lawyer/law firm search result, also it would automatically answer the PathLegal client’s questions with your contact detail. This premier membership can give you sudden increase in the client flow from PathLegal.

 24/7 support for your clients

We can assure your business will be open for 24/7, so that you will not lose a single client when you are off to work .  We can connect with your clients via phone, email & chat during your off hours and transfer the clients to you.

 Legal Drafting

We can take care of your legal drafting works with the most economical way. You can outsource your drafting work to us, our legal drafting experts can deliver the quality work on time at your desk. You just focus on your clients, we have all legal subject experts available to handle your legal drafting work.

 Office Setup & Staffing

We can setup your office anywhere in the world with fully functional.
Offshore Law office setup & management.
Legal Process Outsourcing

 Direct Marketing

We can easily connect with corporate clients from world wide and recommend your profile to them.
We can visit the potential clients for you and negotiate with them.
Use our marketing expertise and build your network.

Note:- Some of the branding work may not be supported as per your law of the land.  All the above mentioned services may not be included along with the given price, kindly contact us to know the supported services in your country. Email to [email protected]

Price: 8000 (1 month)
Renewal Fee: 8000
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